All 13 episodes of TV anime Tokyo Revengers will be rerun on Kodansha’s YouTube channel FULL☆ANIME TV.

The anime Tokyo Revengers is a time jump suspense in which Hanagaki Takemichi, a part-time worker at rock bottom in his life, travels back to his junior high school days to seek revenge for his life. It is based on the manga Tokyo Revengers serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine by Wakui Ken, also famous for Shinjuku Swan.

The TV anime series started in April 2021, and a live-action film and stageplay adaptation was released on July 9, 2021. The anime has depicted the 8.3 Conflict Arc and the Bloody Halloween Arc. The following Holy Night Battle Arc is currently being broadcast since January 2023.

The 13 episodes of Tokyo Revenger Holy Night Battle Arc has been announced to be rerun on the YouTube channel FULL☆ANIME TV from 3 am, January 29 to April 10, 2023 (JST).

Episodes 25 – 28 will be available from 3 am, January 29 to February 4, 29 – 32 from 3 am, February 26 to March 4, 33 – 36 from 3 am, March 25 to April 2, and 37 from 12:30 am April 4 to April 10.

Don’t miss out on Takemichi’s revenge in the Tokyo Revengers Holy Night Battle Arc.

(C)Wakui Ken, Kodansha / Anime Tokyo Revengers Production Committee