Voice actors Minase Inori, Maeno Tomoaki, Komatsu Mikako, and Morikawa Toshiyuki will appear in a special program called “Doraemon’s Birthday Special” that will be broadcast on September 4 at 6:56 p.m. to celebrate Doraemon’s birthday on September 3. In any case, they will be playing the role of “Doraemon’s alien,” and we have also received comments from them.

On September 4, “Doraemon” will be held under the title of “Dora Birthday Festival,” with the regular program being taken up by “Dora Birthday Eve 2021 Special” starting at 5:00 p.m. and the special program “Doraemon Birthday Special” starting at 6:56 p.m. In “Doraemon’s Birthday Special,” one of the special programs in the Golden Zone, Doraemon will air “The Day Dorayaki Went Missing,” a full-length adventure story in which Doraemon battles the mysterious “Dorayaki aliens.

“The Day Dorayaki Went Missing” is a great adventure story that begins when Doraemon’s favorite food, Dorayaki, suddenly disappears from the town. Doraemon is stunned when a mysterious “Dorayaki Alien” appears in front of him and says, “If this continues, all the Dorayaki will be taken away from the earth. ……!” Doraemon, trembling with anger, stands up bravely, saying, “I’ll protect all the dorayaki on this planet!” How will the confrontation between Doraemon and the “Dorayaki aliens” turn out?

The commander of the Dorayaki aliens is played by Minase Inori, and the Dorayaki aliens who visit the earth as an advance party are played by Maeno Tomoaki and Komatsu Mikako. Morikawa Toshiyuki plays the Dorayaki communicator alien. In the comments, it was revealed that the voice actors enjoyed playing the role seriously while inspiring each other.

In addition, “Doraemon’s Birthday Special” will also air two new short films, “Nobita’s Planetary Exploration Mission” and “How to Use Magic”. In addition, in honor of the 10th anniversary of the “Kawasaki City Fujiko F. Fujio Museum” in Kanagawa Prefecture, a “Doraemon Birthday 2021 Exciting Goodie Bag” with 10 selected goods will be presented.

On September 4, the “Doraemon Festival” will be celebrating Doraemon’s birthday with “Dora Birthday Eve 2021 Special” and “Doraemon’s Birthday Special”.

Minase Inori (Commander of the Dorayaki aliens)

–You are appearing in “Doraemon” for the first time, how did you feel when you received the offer?

Doraemon is loved all over the world…! By watching TV broadcasts and movies, I went on adventures with Doraemon and learned what friendship is and what courage is. I’m really happy to be able to appear in a Doraemon film, everyone’s friend!

–What did you keep in mind when playing the role of the commander of the Dorayaki aliens?

When I heard the word “commander”, I imagined a big, dignified, and mature voice, so I was very nervous when I opened the script…! But what I found there was !!!! You will have to wait to see what kind of commander I was!

–The voice actors of the “Dorayaki Alien Army” were a gorgeous group of people.

When the cast members were introduced before the recording, I remember my heart jumping and thinking, “Oh… I’m really going to participate in the recording of Doraemon now…”. I was recording in the same recording booth as Mizuta Wasabi, Seki Tomokazu, and Morikawa Toshiyuki. I was so happy to receive Mizuta-san’s special 25th anniversary Tirol chocolates!

–What does Doraemon mean to you?

He is a superhero! Doraemon is really cool because he reminds us that being strong is not all about strength, and that the strength of the heart is important and cherished.

“Dokodemo Door”… Everyone has wanted one of these at least once, maybe a hundred times, haven’t they? I want one too.

–Please leave a “Happy Birthday Message” for Doraemon!

Doraemon! Happy birthday! Thank you for always giving me courage! Please eat lots of Dorayaki! And actually, I have the same birthday as Dorami.(laugh) I’ll always love you, Doraemon!

–Please leave a message for our viewers!

Of course, Doraemon is the main character, but…! Why are there so many troubles? What is the Dorayaki Alien Army, and who are they? Will Doraemon’s birthday be celebrated safely? Please look forward to the broadcast!

Maeno Tomoaki (as Dorayaki Alien (1))

—- This is the second time you have appeared in “Doraemon”. How did you feel when you received the offer?

I have all the Doraemon comics and have seen all the movie versions since I was a child, so I was very happy to be asked to participate in this special episode again.

–What did you keep in mind when playing the role of the Dorayaki aliens?

I was told to “use the image of dubbing for a foreign movie,” so I tried to express myself naturally without being pulled in by the appearance of the character. I also tried to ad-lib as much as the character allowed me to.

–The voice actors of the “Dorayaki Alien Army” were a gorgeous lineup, what were your thoughts on the recording?

Everyone’s approach was so impressive that I felt like I was dubbing for a science fiction movie (laughs). It was a very friendly scene, partly because we were able to record with each other. I often talk with Tomokazu Seki, who plays Suneo, about his love for Doraemon, and I was very happy when he introduced me to the staff in the lobby during a break, saying, “Maeno-kun really likes Doraemon.”

–What does Doraemon mean to you?

It’s a dream. Since I was a child, I have been moved to tears many times by the dependability of Nobita and the strength of Gian’s friendship in the movie version. My voice actor friend, Terashima Takuma, and I go to see the movie every year, and we often talk about Doraemon in private. Every summer, I want to go to the beach or the mountains, so that phrase reminds me of ” Doraemon: Nobita and the Castle of the Undersea Devil,” or when I hear the word “justice,” I immediately think of the insert song “Yume no Hito” from “Doraemon: Nobita and Fantastic Three Musketeers,” so Doraemon still holds a large part in my life. The secret tools that left a strong impression on me in the original comics are the “Gorgon’s Head” and the “Devil Card”. Through Doraemon, I learned that tools can be dangerous if they are used in the wrong way.

–Please leave a “Happy Birthday Message” for Doraemon!

Happy birthday, Doraemon! I’ll always be your friend.

–Please leave a message for the viewers!

Although the story touches on Doraemon’s birthday, there is a very exciting development waiting for you. As a Doraemon fan, I did my best in the recording, so I hope you enjoy it. Please bring some dorayaki when you watch it!
I hope you enjoy it!

Komatsu Mikako (as Dorayaki Alien (2))

–How did you feel when you received the offer to appear in “Doraemon” for the first time?

I never thought the day would come when I would be able to appear in Doraemon, which I have been familiar with since I was a child, both in manga and anime! And since it’s a birthday special, it’s an even more special episode…! I was filled with happiness and nervousness. During the recording, I kept the “Doraemon Volume 0 Pouch” in my bag as a good luck charm.

–What did you keep in mind when you were playing the role of the Dorayaki Alien?

“I was ordered to speak in a cool, Western style”, so despite my appearance, I tried to give the impression of a successful female agent. Surprisingly, however, there were scenes where I was directed to “Please be cute here! I hope that the gap between the two is also attractive.

–The voice actors of the “Dorayaki Alien Army” were a splendid lineup, what were your impressions of the recording?

Until the day of the recording, I didn’t know who was going to play the characters, so I was surprised at the gap between my image and what I saw on the set (laugh)! The Dorayaki aliens all have gaps between their first impressions…! They are very peculiar aliens (laugh). Although we were in the same studio, we were divided into booths and talked to each other over monitors and headphones, so it was difficult to talk directly with them, but it was very enjoyable to feel the friendly atmosphere of the Doraemon recording.

–What does Doraemon mean to you?

Doraemon already existed when I was born, and I had all the manga volumes in my parents’ house. Watching Doraemon on TV every week and watching the movie every year became a habit in my family, and Doraemon was etched into the rhythm of our lives (laughs). I love Doraemon, so “Dorami & Doraemons: Robot School’s Seven Mysteries” is one of my favorite stories…! I’m looking forward to seeing Doraemon again someday.

–Please leave a “Happy Birthday Message” for Doraemon!

Happy Birthday, Doraemon! In fact, it’ll be 91 years from now…? It’s like a dream come true that I will be able to perform with Doraemon in my life. When I was little, I used to think, “Why am I growing up?” Now that I’m an adult, I’m so happy to meet you! Thank you for giving me so much hope!

— Please leave a message for the viewers!

Doraemon’s Birthday Special! So, it’s not just a birthday! I never thought Doraemon’s favorite dorayaki would turn out like this…! Anyway, Doraemon is just so cute!

And more importantly, I realized once again that Doraemon is really loved by everyone. Please prepare your own dorayaki and enjoy!

Toshiyuki Morikawa (Dorayaki alien, communications officer)

–How did you feel when you received this offer?

I’m honored to be able to appear in Doraemon. It’s also a birthday special, so I feel very happy.

–What did you keep in mind when you played the role of the Dorayaki alien communicator?

I played the role of a Dorayaki alien very seriously.

–The voice actors for the Dorayaki Alien Army were all gorgeous, what did you think of the recording?

Minase Inori, who plays the commander, gave a wonderful performance, so I tried my best to keep up with her.

–What does Doraemon mean to you?

I remember when I was a child, I used to read the manga at my friend’s house. It’s a very good memory. I thought I wanted to be friends with Doraemon too. I was jealous of Nobita-kun.

–Please send a “Happy Birthday Message” to Doraemon!

Happy Birthday Doraemon! I’d like to give you a dorayaki as a present, but I don’t know where to send it, so I’ll just eat it myself (laugh).

–Please give a message to the viewers!

I’d like to have fun in celebration mode with you all. Please wait for me in front of the TV!

Doraemon’s Birthday Special
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