“Say You to Yoasobi Monday ‘Yasumoto Hiroki X Maeno Tomoaki’ #26” featuring the voice actors Yasumoto Hiroki and Maeno Tomoaki was broadcast on October 25, 2021, on the “Anime LIVE Channel” of the new futuristic TV “ABEMA”.

This was the first broadcast of the “Halloween Special Week”, where the hosts of each day are dressed up in a costume, and Yasumoto dressed up as Ghost Face while Maeno dressed up as Chucky. The regular corners of Monday, “Yoasobi Attack 9” was held in the Halloween special specification, and they had challenged various quizzes, such as “What’s inside the box?” and “True or Lie Quiz”, in order to obtain the “Halloween” special treats.

In conjunction with the “Halloween Special Week”, Yasumoto appeared as Ghost Face from the film “Scream” and Maeno appeared as Chucky from the film “Chucky”. Yasumoto, who had prepared in advance, and Maeno, who had a desire to transform, appeared in the perfect recreation from the color contact to the makeup, as it seems that both of them are enjoying it. The audiences even commented “It so real! Haha”, “It’s a complete resemblance!”, and “It’s close to perfect!”.

The first corner of this broadcast that had a great start was “Yoasobi Attack 9 Halloween Special” and it featured them answering the quizzes to open the 9 panels. A reward will be given if they are able to guess the hidden Kanji letters, from the scattered parts hidden in the 9 panels. As this broadcast is a “Halloween Special”, it contained various irregular quizzes, such as the “Live Broadcasting Quiz”, where they answer the quiz asked by the staff that is outside of the studio, and the staple variety quiz “What’s inside the box?”.

During the “What’s inside the box?”, putting aside Yasumoto saying “I’m sorry but I won’t be scared by it.” with a calm expression, Maeno mentioned “I’m bad at this…” as he panicked while saying “Ah!!” and “Is it even safe to touch it!?”. After that, Maeno touched it courageously with his hand shaking, but he was unable to get the correct answer, which is mirugai clam, and it was Yasumoto’s turn next. Just like his declaration, Yasumoto grabbed the object immediately without feeling scared, and immediately answer “Ah! This is a clam!”. He was then able to get the correct answer by judging from its unique shape.

After that, both of them had also challenged the “True or Lie Quiz”, where they tried to identify the fake “Worldwide foods that provide vigor”. They are given three chances to identify the three fake from the 8 choices, such as “Frogs’ Fresh Juice”, “Mosquitoes Hamburg Steak”, “Dirt”, and “Crocodile’s Tooth Tea”.

First, Yasumoto had his eyes on “Dirt” as the quiz was related to edible things and put his hope that “Dirt” is a fake, but it ended as a wrong answer, which caused him to shout in surprise “It edible!?”. Then, both of them are puzzled with the shocking “Worldwide foods that provide vigor” while saying “How can you even create the mosquitoes Hamburg steak!?” and “It different from Japanese culture…” After that, the choice that caught their attention was “Ammonite Fossil Soup” and they predicted that it was impossible while remarking “Where does the juice come from?” and “It a fossil, we are talking about!?”. Their guesses on “Ammonite Fossil Soup” were correct.

Both of them also managed to identify that “Crocodile’s Tooth Tea” is a fake as well, and they were left with two choices, which are “Mosquitoes Hamburg Steak” and “Horse Hoof Bread”. They deducted with “Personally the food that I don’t want to eat is the mosquitoes Hamburg steak” and “There is a chance that the food that you don’t want to eat is real”, and in the end, they predicted that “Horse Hoof Bread” was the fake. As a result, their prediction was correct and they managed to win the challenge, but when they saw the explanation about the real food, they commented “I won’t drink it!”, “It amazing to think such food exists!”, and “The world is so wide.” as it seems that they were shocked by the various worldwide “foods that provide vigor”.

Other than that, during the usual “Survey Attack”, where the guess the audiences’ answer from the four choices, they had challenged the Halloween theme questions, which are “Which trick do you want to do?” and “The regular pumpkin meal is?”, and both of them had enjoyed this “Halloween Special” quiz. They managed to guess the hidden words correctly, and enjoy the treat, which is from the hometown of Halloween, the Ireland dish “Kippers Herring Breaded with Herbs”. They had enjoyed this gorgeous dish with the remarks of “It so rich!”, “Delicious”, and “It a perfect dish with the champagne”.

At the end of the program, it was announced that Kobayashi Chiaki and Shimabukuro Miyuri from the film “Summer Ghost” will appear as a guest on the November 1 broadcast. The broadcast then ended with them looking forward to the next broadcast.

“Anime LIVE Channel”/ “Say You to Yoasobi Monday ‘Yasumoto Hiroki X Maeno Tomoaki’ #26”
Broadcast on October 25, 2021 (Monday)
Performers: Yasumoto Hiroki, Maeno Tomoaki
※ Limited streaming on “ABEMA Premium” only.