“Say You to Yoasobi Monday ‘Yasumoto Hiroki X Maeno Tomoaki’ #19″ featuring the voice actor Yasumoto Hiroki and Maeno Tomoaki as the MC, was broadcast at 10:00 PM, August 23, 2021, on “ABEMA”‘s “Anime LIVE Channel”.

During the broadcast, the regular corners of the Monday program, such as “Yoasobi Attack 9” where both of them need to have the same answer for the quiz, “Aa, Eikan ha 2-ban ni Kagayaku (Ah, the 2nd place shine the most)” where both of them try to guess the 2nd place of various topics in life, and “Ajibukai Word Hyoukakai (Deep Meaning Word Competitive Show” where both of them whispered the “Ajiwai Bukai (Deep Meaning)” words to the dummy head mic, were conducted.

■The cooperation game, where Yasumoto Hiroki & Maeno Tomoaki, compete for the prize!

Yasumoto and Maeno had challenged “Yoasobi Attack 9”, where it tested the cooperation of the two. This is a corner, where both of them need to guess the Kanji (Chinese letter) that was hidden by the 9 panels, and they need to have the same answer for the quiz to be able to flip over the panel. If they succeed in guessing the words, they will be reward with luxurious canned food.
For the quiz “What kind of ‘rice’, can you think of?”, both of them commented “Two Japanese letters is quite hard right?” and “I will write my favourite then”, as they tried to found out each other answer. There are various famous ‘rice’ meals, such as curry rice, omelet rice, and hashed meat with rice, but both of them answered with “curry rice” and the center panel is flipped over.

Then, the next quiz was “What type of onomatopoeic word is suitable?” on the illustration of a guy before he licked the ice-cream.
Both of them are having difficulty in figuring it out as there are various interpretations for the illustration since it can be licked or bite, and the remarks from both of them are “What’s with this exquisite face!” and “It’s hard…”. While they tried to have mutual thoughts by saying “Won’t it feel impactful?”, “If it has to be impactful, then…”, and “But there is a possibility that it will be cute”, but they failed as Yasumoto answered with “Beron” while Maeno answered with “Chiro Chiro”. After that, the both of them dispute with “Come on, it should be ‘Chiro Chiro’~” and “It should be ‘Beron’ as the middle of the tongue is touching the ice-cream!”.

After they regained their composure, they moved on to the next quiz. The 3rd quiz is the “Survey Attack”, where they have the guess the answer of the audience from the 4 choices. The question was “Who’s the smartest? 1. Edison 2. Nobel 3. Einstein 4. Newton”.
Toward the troubled Maeno with the remarks of “Only Edison has the established reputation right?” and “Newton is the founder of the law of inertia…”, Yasumoto mentioned “Don’t you think the Theory of Relativity of Einstein is quite brilliant?” and “I understand the inventions of Edison, but don’t you think that the hard to understand Theory of Relativity is something amazing?” as he pushed for Einstein. As Maeno was convinced by Yasumoto, both of them answered Einstein and they got it correct as more than 50% of the audiences had chosen Einstein.

After that, the both of them had shown off their splendid cooperative play as they had gotten the quiz, such as “Which’s sports will become popular from now on?” and “What type of ‘yaki’, can you think of?”, and they managed to flip over 5 panels. They managed to obtain the prize, which is the 1,500 JPY corned Sendai’s beef and enjoyed eating it.
At the end of the program, it was mentioned that the broadcast of “Say You to Yoasobi” will be on a break for a week, and the “Natsu no Owari no Munekyun Kai (The heart-throbbing episode at the end of summer)” will be broadcast instead.

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