“Here We Go! Biggus McHugeGuy Combination”, which is episode 2 of the TV anime “POP TEAM EPIC” season 2, was broadcast from midnight of October 8, 2022. Two famous tag from “Full Metal Alchemist” appeared on the first part of the anime, then another famous pair from “Brave series” and own TV programs appeared on the second part.

Opening theme song for this season was the animation movie, in contrast from live-action movie broadcast on Sunday mornings with Aoi Shouta-san appearing in real appearance. However, the song “PSYCHO:LOGY” itself is sung by Aoi Shouta himself, and many comments, including “Aoi Shota no matter what”, “I knew Aoi Shota will come”, and “We have too much of Aoi Shota already”, mentioned Aoi Shota. Moreover, several comments mentioned the animation in psychedelic patterns and many fans described it as “I almost passed away”, “it is the another form of nightmare”, and “this is what I see when feeling sick”.

In episode 2, the first part was played by Park Romi (Popuko) and Kugimiya Rie (Pipimi). These actresses are well known for Elric brothers from “Full Metal Alchemist” and the internet went viral with comments including, “Full Metal Alchemist tag of Park Romi and Kugimiya Rie”, “This is the Elric brothers”, “This anime turned into Full Metal Alchemist” and “they are Ed and Al of Full Metal Alchemist”.

The next part was played by Hiyama Nobuyuki (Popuko) and Morikawa Toshiyuki (Pipimi). This combination are well known for their own show called “Morikawa Toshiyuki and Hiyama Nobuyuki’s Omaera no Tamedaro!” and “Brave series” with Hayami Shou. The comments mentioned them included, “They are Omaera no Tamedaro! Pair”, ‘the phrase “Omaera no taedaro” (it was done all for you)’, “I only could think of Omaera no tamedaro”, “this is clearly the Brave series”, “they all come from Brave series” and “this is the another form of Brave series broadcast on 1990’s”.

Furthermore, Obari Masami, the leading figure from robot animation field, participated as “corner director and supervisor”. The robot animation section directed by Sunrise was the major point to see in the episode. The parody of “Earth No Mat”, the mosquito hunting medics produced by Earth Corporation, and “PIXAR” (well-known for Toy Story series) became a big hit.

“POP TEAM EPIC TV Animation 2nd Series”

© Okawa Bukubu/Chikushobo, King Record