Say You to Yoasobi Monday ‘Yasumoto Hiroki X Maeno Tomoaki’ #27″ featuring the voice actors Yasumoto Hiroki and Maeno Tomoaki was broadcast on November 1, 2021, on the “Anime LIVE Channel” of the new futuristic TV “ABEMA”.

During this broadcast, Kobayashi Chiaki and Shimabukuro Miyuri have appeared as guests, and they had challenged to conquer Maeno as Tomoko and Yasumoto as Hiroko in the program original’s romance stimulation game “Yoasobi Memorial”. Other than that, the corners, such as “Yasumoto & Maeno will answer everything” featuring Kobayashi and Shimabukuro throwing various questions to the seniors of the voice actor industry, Yasumoto and Maeno, and the Monday’s regular corner “Deep Meaning Word Competitive Show”, were also conducted.

Kobayashi Chiaki and Shimabukuro Miyuri have appeared as guests, and Kobayashi has showed a relaxed expression as he has appeared on Monday in August 2021, while Shimabukuro seemed to be nervous as this was her first appearance in the program in three years. However, the four of them made a toast happily and have a private life conversation and industry conversation as the ice breaking session.

Actually Kobayashi and Shimabukuro are being featured on the film “Summer Ghost” that will premiere on November 12. This film is the debut work of the illustrator loundraw as a director, and it depicts the “Certain Summer Encounter” between the three troubled high school students and the spirit known as “Summer Ghost”.

Kobayashi mentioned about the natural acting with “I was given the instruction, ‘don’t act like the character’. So, I talked in a very calm and unrestricted manner.” For Shimabukuro, she mentioned about the charms of the film, “This is an emotional and delicate film that combined loundraw-san’s illustrations with the small rebreather.”

During the screening of the first five minutes of the film, Yasumoto and Maeno got attracted to the world setting and praised it with “This film will get you absorbed in it” and “The music is also beauty and is quite calm.”

During the broadcast, the program original’s romance stimulation game “Conquer the MC! Yoasobi Memorial!” was held. For this corner, Kobayashi and Shimabukuro had become the players as they tried to conquer Yasumoto as Hiroko and Maeno as Tomoko. The respective favorability rating of Hiroko and Tomoko will increase if their selected answer, from 3 choices, matches with the one that the audiences selected.

The first game was conducted with the pair of Kobayashi and Tomoko. Along with transformation of Maeno as the black hair, neat, and tidy girl Tomoko, Kobayashi has started the friendly conversation. Toward the sudden question from Tomoko, which was “What did you eat for breakfast?”, Kobayashi answered with “Fermented Soybeans with rice”, and this caused Tomoko to get infatuated with him while saying “Chiaki~” as fermented soybeans is a famous product from Maeno’s hometown, Ibaraki. Toward Tomoko, who relaxed the guard with the simple Ibaraki’s fact, Kobayashi retorted with “It’s too easy! We haven’t even started!” and it caused the studio to be filled with laughter.

After that, Kobayashi has shown off his highly skilled adaptation toward the various whimsical questions of Tomoko, but during the critical selection of answer, he failed it consecutively. And this caused Tomoko to scold him in the Ibaraki dialect, “You’re such a fake! Idiot!”, and Kobayashi’s attempt to conquer Tomoko has ended as a failure. He then passed his hope to Shimabukuro.

After that, Shimabukuro attempted to conquer Hiroko. Maeno then called out “Yasumoto-san~” toward Yasumoto who had transformed into Hiroko, and together with the strong accent reply of “Yasumoto-san is not here. Only the girl, Hiroko is here”, the too well-built, blonde girl, Hiroko appeared. Due to that, the studio is overflowing with “Are you kidding me~!” and “Looks so strong~ (Haha)”.

Shimabukuro was overwhelmed by the mannerist Hiroko, but she made use of her female instinct in selecting the answer, and managed to get the correct answer consecutively as she had chosen the line that she wanted to hear the most. During the confession, Shimabukuro had showed off a handsome young boy’s voice to ensure that Hiroko has fallen for her completely, and this caused Hiroko to shout “Yes! Yes!”, which implies that the attempt was a success with any problems (?). After the four of them enjoyed the absurd game, they have received various hilarious comments, such as “It’s so scary. Hahaha”, “Tomoko is so easy. Haha”, and “Hiroko is so rough. Haha” from the audiences, and the corner “Yoasobi Memorial” has ended in a high spirit.

Other than that, the special corner “Yasumoto & Maeno will answer everything” featuring Yasumoto and Maeno answering the questions from Kobayashi and Shimabukuro as their seniors was held together with the Monday’s regular corner “Deep Meaning Word Competitive Show”, where they whispered the “Deep Meaning” words to the dummy head microphone.

During the corner “Yasumoto & Maeno will answer everything”, Yasumoto and Maeno have given out serious advices as an answer to the several questions, such as “Have you ever experienced the time when your mind became blank?”, “What do you focus on during an audition?”, and “How do you take care of your fatigue?” while saying “We have become seniors~” and invited the self-praising laughter with a smug face. After that, the four of them enjoyed the voice actor related conversation as they talked about the method on checking the script, etc.

“Anime LIVE Channel”/ “Say You to Yoasobi Monday ‘Yasumoto Hiroki X Maeno Tomoaki’ #27”
Broadcast on November 1, 2021 (Monday)
Performers: Yasumoto Hiroki, Maeno Tomoaki, Kobayashi Chiaki (Guest), Shimabukuro Miyuri (Guest)
※ Limited streaming on “ABEMA Premium” only.