“Monthly TV Guide Volume of September 2022”, where the voice actor Maeno Tomoaki appeared with his rare purple and navy outfit, will be released on July 23, 2022. A total of 6 photographs of Maeno will be given as a gift for purchasers at Animate Online Store.

Maeno Tomoaki, the voice actor who plays the 2nd season of the TV anime “Orient”, appeared in “Monthly TV Guide Volume of September 2022”. The magazine includes the various expressions of Maeno, from the scene where he is relaxed, to the one where he becomes little energetic when he is surrounded by chairs and tables.

During the session, Maeno looked back one his student life by saying, “this reminds me of the years when I was a student”. For the interview, he talked about charms of Uesugi Tatsuomi, the character he plays in “Orient”, and his summer vacation memory to match the season with the release date of the magazine.

As the gift, 6 rare photographs will be distributed for “Monthly TV Guide Volume of September 2022” purchasers. You must check out 6 photographs of Maeno with the outfit in purple and navy, which are Uesugi Takaomi’s signature colors.

“Monthly TV Guide Volume of September 2022” is priced for 460 JPY. There will be various versions, including Kanto region, Kansai region, Aichi-Mie-Gifu, Fukuoka-Saga-Oita, and Shizuoka versions.

A long period of time has passed since the graduation, but I enjoyed photo shooting because it reminds me of my school life. I felt nostalgic when standing around school desks and chairs. It has been a while since the last time I wore my tie. I don’t have a lot of opportunities other than ceremonies, so I felt a little serious .