“SAY YOU TO YOASOBI Wednesday【Komatsu Mikako x Uesaka Sumire x Aimi】#17”, which is run by three MCs of Komatsu Mikako, Uesaka Sumire, and Aimi, was broadcast from 10:00 PM on August 11, 2021 at “Anime LIVE Channel” in “ABEMA”. For “Yukata WEEK”, Komatsu, Uesaka, Aimi, and the guest Ootsuka Sae appeared in yukatas.

The programs, including “Quiz! You are correct as soon as you answered ~Ootsuka Sae ver.~” (answering questions from MCs freely) and “Talking like a scary story” (telling an ordinary episode as it is a scary ghost story), were held during the show.

■Being friends for more than 7 years! What is “surprising” characteristic of Aimi being revealed by Ootsuka Sae?

This episode was full of beautiful yukata voice actresses, who dressed up for “Yukata WEEK”. At the opening greeting, Uesaka began to talk as it is meetup, by saying “I am wearing yukata today~”, and Komatsu and Aimi reacted, “wow, it’s Giza cute~”, “I am the summer girl” and “how beautiful you are~”, and they all praised others’ outfits with the use of otaku vocabulary.
Then the guest Ootsuka entered the show with a beautiful yukata with orange and purple flowers printed on the black textile, and the 3 MCs greeted her, “welcome, miss” (with Kyoto dialect) with round of applause. They cheered by saying, “it’s so exciting to drink with yukata!” and “It is so traditional”.
Aimi and Ootsuka work together at “Poppin’ Party”, the voice actress group from the media mix project called “BanG Dream!”, for more than 7 years. They seemed to be the good friends, since they both “have similar ideas” and “cares about others in similar ways and timings”.

Moreover, “Quiz! You are correct as soon as you answered ~Ootsuka Sae ver.~” was held during the show. The MCs asked whatever they were interested in about Ootsuka freely and she responded one by one. Aimi began to ask her first question, “what do you like about Aimi”, to Ootsuka, who is willing to answer all questions that she received, and Ootsuka quickly responded “friendliness”. Ootsuka explained, “She has a God-given talent of making a workplace happy, and I believe that is one of her talents” and Aimi followed with her “talented” simile to camera right away with pleasure.
The MCs followed the first question related to Aimi, such as “what is the one thing that you cannot forgive about Aimi?” and “what is your characteristic that you think ‘Aimi like’?”. Ootsuka and Aimi discussed by saying, “we always show new things about us”, “we rely on each other because we are mature” and “she often tells about her with eyes”, and Komatsu and Uesaka seemed to understand their strong bonds by commenting “they look like having a nice relationship” and “they are good partners”.

Furthermore, to the question, “what is the most ‘surprising’ thing about Aimi that you have seen so far?”, Ootsuka quickly wrote down that “she ate 3 bowls of rice at the restaurant during midnight”. She introduced the episode of eating rice without hesitate while having a diet, and made Komatsu and Uesaka surprise that “wow, she is brave~!”, “her switch is on”, and “Aimi with her ‘ON’ switch turned on”.
Otosuka then continued, “hey, I remember what was more surprising…”, and revealed that a mouse is kept in her refrigerator as food for her snake. It made Komatsu Uesaka surprise, but Aimi reacted by her love toward snakes by saying, “hey, snakes are wonderful”, and “my snake is about 130 cm”. Komatsu and Uesaka seemed to be motivated and showed their interest “I want to take a look” and “it is the world that I don’t know”.

The next week “Special Guest Week” invites the guests for 5 consecutive days, and it was announced that Kudou Haruka and Tsumugi Sae will appear in the episode on August 18. The MCs seemed to be excited toward upcoming episode.

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