“Ono Shimono no Dokodemo Quest 2” is a variety show without any scripts, where the voice actors Ono Daisuke and Shimono Hiro hurl themselves in challenging the various quests to collect the coins. A special event was held on August 14, 2021, at the main hall of Kawaguchi Lilia. Now, we will be delivering the report on the event that has ended majestically.

This is a one-day limited special event featuring the talk on the quest as well as the end of the series.
The event kickstarted with a recital program. In order for the two of them, who were sent to another world, to return to the modern world, they had challenged the opening mission. There were also a talk corner and gamer corner while they looked back on the memorial photos and videos during the recording in Hokkaido and Tokyo.

During the game corner, they will be given luxurious prizes based on the collected coins. The prize was the recommended Hokkaido gourmets with “Suggestion Comments” by the regular guest of “DokoQue”, the shopkeeper of Syakebanya, Abe-san.
The game was a powered-up version of all the missions that they had challenged in the program and event, called “Dokodemo Re:Quest”. Some of the games were “Ono Shimono no Dokodemo Derby” where they try to guess the winner of the race between different types of animals as revenge toward the Banei horse racing, and “Applause Survey” where they try to increase the applause of the audience slowly. There was also a game where both of them are tied to the distance stick while Ono was challenging the darts while Shimono was challenging the ball-catching game at the same. In the end, did both of them manage to obtain the luxurious prize?

In the end, the ending speech from Ono and Shimono had hyped up the audience. Do check out the Blu-ray that will be released on December 8, 2021 on the result of the game as well as the intimacy between the two.

Product Information
“Ono Shimono no Dokodemo Quest 2 Special Event Limited Pre-ordered Version” (Blu-ray)
Release Date: December 8, 2021 (Wednesday)
Price: 8,580 JPY (Tax Excluded Price: 7,800 JPY)
◆Blu-ray Specification
・Recording of Part 1 and Part 2

◆Limited Pre-ordered Novelty (DVD)
One Special Disc and the After-talk
※The special Disc is a novelty only for the Limited Pre-ordered Version

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