Voice actor Nakamura Shuugo appears in the “Monthly TV Guide October 2021 Issue”. A total of six special photos have been included as a special bonus for purchasers. Pre-orders are now being accepted at bookstores nationwide and online.

Nakamura Shuugo is active as a voice actor and artist. In the past, ” Nakamura Shuugo x Monthly TV Guide” has featured “wet” photo shoots, such as dipping into a bathtub in a hotel room while wearing a shirt (as shown in the Monthly TV Guide January 2021 Issue). And this time, the theme was also “Get Wet!”. Under the summer sky, they had him jump into the bathtub and the artistic indoor pool.
Nakamura-san said, “I think it’s only TV Guide Monthly that makes me do this. I’ve never been in this much water or hot water (laughs),” as he showed off his wet hair.

In addition, if you purchase the “Monthly TV Guide October 2021 Issue” from Animate Mail Order, you will receive a special bonus of a different Nakamura Shuugo rare picture for each area edition you purchase. The pictures are full of charm, from moist and wet eyes to smiling in the shower. There are six different types and six attractive designs, so be sure to check them out.

In the interview, Nakamura-san talks about the things that enrich his life, his 4th single “Kowareta Sekai no Byoushin wa” (translated: Broken World’s Second Hand), his 1st album “NATURAL”, both of which were released simultaneously on his birthday last month, and his thoughts on his solo live starting in October.

“Monthly TV Guide October 2021 Issue” will go on sale on August 24 at bookstores nationwide and online.

(Comment from Nakamura Shuugo)

This time, we used the pool and shower as if it was summer. The day of the shoot was quite hot, so it felt great! I hadn’t been to a pool in about 10 years, so it was refreshing to be able to stretch out my arms and legs in the water. That is to say, I don’t usually get wet when doing photo shoots. “I think it’s only for “TV Guide Monthly” who make me. They put me in so much water and hot water (laughs).

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“Monthly TV Guide October 2021 Issue”
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