The first day of “Re:vale LIVE GATE ‘Re:flect U'”, the first solo concert of Re:vale from “IDOLiSH7”, was held on October 15, 2022, at Main Arena, Musashino Forest Sports Plaza. This reports will feature the situation of the fabulous concert by the full band.

Re:vale is a 2-person idol group consisting of the cute Momo with an impressive adorable smile, and the cool Yuki with a mysterious atmosphere. They are a top idol in “IDOLiSH7” as they had handled the theme songs of various movies and dramas as well as the grand winner of the nation’s largest music ceremony “BLACK OR WHITE”.

On Day 1, Hoshi Soichiro (voice of Momo) and Tachibana Shinnosuke (voice of Yuki) appear on stage with the composure posture of the “Absolute King” while carrying on the passionate expectation of the fans waving the light sticks in the full house venue. Their appearance in the same clothing as the key visual had caused the fans, who were waiting for this moment, to be overfilled with energy.

The opening song was “NO DOUBT -Re:act LIVE GATE style-“. This song is the rock tune version of one of the representative songs of Re:vale, “NO DOUBT” in a special arrangement. This song was announced to be the bonus track attached to the first limited edition of Re:vale’s 2nd album “Re:flect In”, and surely many fans have expected that this song will be performed in this concert due to the name. While maintaining the thrilling atmosphere, the song was added with the impressive profound sound that will linger in your ear.
The thing that surprised the fans from the first song, was the full band performance that is the first in “IDOLiSH7” concerts. The two performers have showed off their dignity as the top idols from the first song together with in-sync performance by “Future Notes Band”, where Hori Kuraaki (keyboard) is the bandmaster.

They also called out using the same calls of Re:vale’s Momo and Yuki, “Everyone! Are you all enjoying yourselves nya?!” and “Let’s create the greatest stage with us Re:vale.” As the fans can’t let out their voice, they waved the vivid pink and berry green light sticks vigorously instead.
After the talking part, they performed “Yumeshizuku”, one of the new songs in the 2nd album. They had magnificently performed the leading calm melody that transferred into the upbeat melody. The lyric “Buddy Futari Dakara Get it Norikoete Kita” (Because both of us are buddy, we are able to overcome it), has showed off their trust toward each other as the current Re:vale has faced various difficulties.

“Re-raise” has struck the fans with admiration with the unique performance. The members of Re:vale have reappeared with a new clothing in the moody venue that was created by the performance of the big bands with the addition of a saxophone, trumpet, and trombone. The AR performances of the running train from the MV and the original designed trump cards scattering in the sky have recreated the atmosphere from MV.

After that, the “Absolute King” Re:vale have charmed the fans with the various songs and clothing. In contrast to the singing part, where they had done in their best condition, they had also entertained the fans with natural interactions just like a marital skit, which is a famous act of Re:vale, during the talking part. With this, they have adjusted the tempo of the concert splendidly.

During the ending part, they performed the rock song with a speedy tempo “Fly! More Liberty”. The phrase “C‘mon Rival!” is like a positive message toward the other friendly rivalry groups, such as ŹOOĻ, who will have a solo concert in February 2023.

The last song that was announced is “SILVER SKY -Re:act alternative style-“. The psychedelic lightings, clothing, and choreography had created a performance that will remind you of the MV.
During the encore greetings, they had introduced the members of “Future Notes Band” that fired up the stage. The crowds clapped their hand as they praised them for the wonderful performances.
The last song of the encore is “Mirai Notes wo Kanadete”, which is also the ending song of “IDOLiSH7 Second BEAT!”. Their appearance of singing with a smile of this refreshing pop song till the end is just like a top idol.
The first day of the solo live has ended with the clapping from the crowds after around 2 hours and 30 minute’s of performance on the stage overflowing with fascination.

(C) BNOI/ IDOLiSH7 Production Committee