The live broadcast program “All Night Voice Actor Fuji 3rd Night” vol.3, where young voice actors get together to try various variety projects under the MC, Morikubo Shotaro, will be broadcast. It will be broadcast live on Fuji TV TWO Drama/Animation/Fuji TV TWOsmart from 0:00 am to 4:00 am on September 19.

“All Night Voice Actor Fuji” is a popular voice actor variety show that has been broadcast live twice before, in January and June of 2021, as a “gateway to success for young voice actors”. In the past broadcasts, the hashtag “#AllNightVoiceActorFuji” has become the second most trending hashtag in Japan on Twitter, and the total number of tweets has exceeded 50,000, gaining overwhelming support from voice actor fans.

For “All Night Voice Actor 3rd Night”, the stage was moved from the Fuji TV spherical observation room “Hachitama”, where the live broadcast had been held, to the Fuji TV headquarters studio, and the set was upgraded to a new one. Most of the performers made their first appearance in the show, and it will continue to be broadcast live onat Fuji TV late at night.

The young voice actors appearing in the show where they will compete how deeply they could leave a mark within 4 hours, including cast members of “Hypnosis Mic,” “THE iDOLM@STER SideM,” and “Tokyo Revengers,” as well as others active in a number of high-profile works. For fans of the young voice actors, it will be an opportunity to see the true face of their “favorites” and also an opportunity to meet new “favorites”.

The MC for this event will again be voice actor Morikubo Shotaro, who is highly trusted by the young voice actors, conducts detailed research on the performers and takes care of them carefully. For “3rd Night,” the voice actors will be divided into teams and battle against each other in a new challenge, aiming to become “Morikubo-sealed voice actors” whose support is endorsed by Morikubo.
ForAmong the performers, we received comments from Morikubo, Karino Sho, the previous “Morikubo-sealed voice actor,” and Kijima Ryuichi, representing the first- time performers.

“All Night Voice Actor 3rd Night” will be broadcast live on Fuji TV TWO Drama/Anime/Fuji TV TWOsmart from 0:00 am to 4:00 am on September 19, 2021. Additional performers will be announced at a later date, so look forward to more information.

<The full text of the comments is as follows>

Show Host: Morikubo Shotaro

Thanks to your support, the 3rd Night will be held! Could it possibly be happening? Absolutely possible!! I’m living my life hard! All the night owl voice actors are going for a gold medal, and we’re going to make this late- night live broadcast a blast! It’s all thanks to you all!!

[Previou Morikubo-sealed voice actor: Karino Sho]

Last time, after the 2nd night, I saw the fortune- telling on Mezamashi TV, and the lucky items were glittery clothes and ink. I guess it’s inevitable that I got the “ink-sealed endorsement”! …Just kidding. Apologies-ink. Now, I’ll win again!

[A representative of the first-time performers: Kijima Ryuichi]

I’m aiming for the position of Takagi Boo. Wow! You guys are doing great staying awake! I’ll try my best to stay awake, too. Good night.