The wonderful casts, including Tamura Mutsumi, Aida Rikako, Maeno Tomoaki, KENN, Itou Kento, Hayami Saori, and Takahashi Chiaki will appear in the new dub version of the HBO Max original drama called “Gossip Girl” and this will be available at the video streaming service “U-NEXT”. The comment from each cast has arrived.

New “Gossip Girl” is the new series of the drama, which has caused the social phenomenon in the past by having the one audience out of 3 Americans (America’s population is 100 million) and experiencing the broadcast over 200 countries.

The stage is set in Manhattan, New York of 10 years after the closure of the exposure blog called “Gossip Girl”. Having the revival of “Gossip Girl” as an Instagram account as a trigger, the secret and extreme personal lives of Z-generaiton celebrities being revealed after one another, and the romance filled with romance and hatred now begins.

In the Japanese dub version, casts including Tamura Mutsumi, Aida Rikako, Maeno Tomoaki, KENN, Itou Kento, Hayami Saori, Tomatsu Haruka, Takagi Ayahi, and Seto Asami, will participate. Also from the previous series, it was decided that Takahshi Chiaki will continue to play the character. The comments filled with passion have arrived from the recording session, which just finished the recording for episode 1.

New “Gossip Girl” will be exclusively streamed from midnight of August 20, 2021. The dub version voice actors and actresses are another point to pay attention to make scandalous and fashionable drama even more interesting.

<Full comments are listed below>

【Tamura Mutsumi (Julien Calloway)】
・Highlight of the drama
The students play with the teachers in the episode 1, but I am not sure if this would change or not.
I was watching it, thinking that the situation would change in the positive way.
The are several scenes that made me upset because the students are so arrogant, but they are bright and wonderful at the same time.
The young generations are like this now? I am learning a lot from them.

・About your role
She is very charismatic as an influencer.
I tried to play her so that she seems to have composure.
However, I also tried to express her natural characteristics, such as her kind facial expressions and being a kind woman.

【Aida Rikako (Zoya Lott)】
・Highlight of the drama
I was curious how Zoya, who is the most normal girl in this drama, shows her uniqueness. Also, I was interested in how the unique characters will hate and mix with one another, and please also pay attention to Zoya and Julien’s relationships.

・About your role
Zoya seems to be normal for the first impression, but she is very kind and tough girl. She sometimes show toughness, while showing cute smiles of a girl in her age. Even I don’t know how this story continues, so I look forward how she will change.

【Maeno Tomoaki (Otto Bergmann IV/Obie)】
・Highlight of the drama
The modern background of story with SNSs of young generations and uniqueness of each character are well-expressed, and I look forward how their relationships change and grow every episode. The change can be spotted even from episode 1, so I can tell that I will have complicated emotions every time I receive a new script for the new episode. I am sure that they will experience a lot of episodes.

・About your role
I will be playing Otto Bergmann IV (a.k.a. Obie), who is originally played by Eli Brown. He is an elite and kind student in the group. While there a lot of unique characters, he stays in a neutral position and looks like he is in the center of the group. I tried to keep balance while playing him, but it was difficult to control his position that does not stand out or stand back too much.

【KENN (Akeno Menzies/Aki)】
・Highlight of the drama
I was drawn into the realistic story. I cannot take my eyes off from the human drama with mixed perspectives of students and adults, and it is fun to imagine how I will act if I was one of the characters.
Also, I think new series will be exciting for both fans from the previous series and new fans!
Although the recording sessions are held with small number of people, we keep characteristics and atmosphere of the actors precious.
I am happy if you feel small change in the characters’ emotions.

・About your role
There is an official theme? Policy? to each character, and Aki’s theme is “innocence”.
For now, he doesn’t want to stand out too much, and he is kind and gentle.
I tried to make him as a man to keep a balance between the friends.
I look forward whether he will keep his justice or adjust to his environment.

【Itou Kento (Max Wolfe)】
・Highlight of the drama
“Contrast” between “sisters” and “students and teachers” are well expressed in the charming way.
I was little scared for the first time, but as I keep checking the stories, I was drawn into the atmosphere of the work.
How this story will role in the future, and the relationship to the former work will be…?
There are so many things that I want to know!

・About your role
He is super arrogant, but he is super sexy!!
I still need more time to understand him fully. He is in the position of Max in the previous “Gossip Girl” series…
Imaging about him might be interesting.

【Hayami Saori (Kate Keller)】
・Highlight of the drama
The story takes in the world similar to the present and luxury and conspiracy among the characters are so interesting. I was always in excitement on how the story progresses with a small change.

・About your role
My character is proud and desperate to accomplish the task of a teacher.
I was asked to express nervousness and the lack of composure as a desperate teacher, from the sound director.
I am also interested in how she will change, after gaining the overwhelming power.

【Tomatsu Haruka (Audrey Hope)】
・Highlight of the drama
Because this drama is filled with interesting points, so I simply look forward to it!
I enjoyed playing because friendship, family, romance, and other human relationships are so complex that I cannot be solved easily.

・About your role
While caring about her romance, because she was mainly in the romance scenes, I want to express Audrey as a high school student and modern girl. Please look forward to her change because there are important events to her…

【Takagaki Ayahi (Monet de Haan)】
・Highlight of the drama
Unique and charming characters are controlled by “Gossip Girl” Instagram account throughout the story, and you can enjoy it from multiple perspectives. Please also pay attention to their fashion as well! There are tricks for the fans from the previous series, and the new fans from this series can also enjoy “Gossip Girl” with many charming points, so please watch them!

・About your role
Monet is SNS manager of Julien, who is the influencer. She is cautious and wise, while does not choose the morally right method when solving the trouble. I will enjoy playing her, so that you can feel Monet’s behavior and power as “the most nasty teacher in school” (evaluation from other teachers), even in Japanese dub version!

【Seto Masami (Luna La)】
・Highlight of the drama
All characters cannot be ignored because they are so unique, and there is a tension among the characters that any character can be the trigger at any moment of the story. She enjoys her friends being controlled by Gossip Girl.

・About your role
Luna is a tall, fashionable girl. Her facial expressions and behaviors are sexy, and she is charming in the way she never gets affected by others. She lives in her own pace and to have different atmosphere, so I was asked to express them, and I will be flexible playing her, keeping that in mind.

【Takahashi Chiaki (Gossip Girl)】
・Your thought when you came back as new “Gossip Girl” to new series

First, I am very happy that I can keep playing Gossip Girl in the new series as well. The visible directions, simpler romance, and the thrill, “who is the Gossip Girl?”, were there in the previous series, but new series will be new and unique, and can be enjoyed from a totally different perspective. I was shocked to see Gossip Girl’s existence being depicted in surprising way.

・Highlight of the drama
My thought is…this is “new passionate teacher drama”. (Laughter) The highlight is the fundamental settings of the new story and unique characters. They are so unique that they can be compared with the characters from the previous series, so there is already a sign of turbulence from episode 1! Please look forward to the unpredictable story!

・About your role
I think this is “Reiwa Era Gossip Girl” and this is totally new from the previous series. I thought, this type of Gossip Girl is okay as well…What I cared a lot was the fact that the identity of Gossip Girl is clear in the new series. Please look forward to how this Gossip Girl will turn out!

“Gossip Girl” (Original Title: Gossip Girl) <12 Episodes Total>
【Streaming Starting from】 Midnight on Friday, August 20, 2021
(One episode per week, and first 6 episodes will be streamed. The episode 7 and later will be announced as soon as decided)
【Streaming Format】Unlimited

【Dub Version Cast】
■Julien Carroway: Tamura Mutsumi
■Zoya Lott: Aida Rikako
■Otto Bergmann IV (Obie): Maeno Tomoaki
■Max Wolfe: Itou Kento
■Kate Keller: Hayami Saori
■Audrey Hope: Tomatsu Haruka
■Akeno Menzies (Aki): KENN
■Luna La: Seto Masami
■Monet De Hann: Takagaki Ayahi
■Gossip Girl: Takahashi Chiaki
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