From “Charisma”, the superhuman share house story by the production and management team of “Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle”, the visual of the 2nd character, Kusanagi Rikai as “Charisma of Order”, has been released. Together, the voice actor for the character is Yamanaka Masahiro, known for the characters such as Itome Koushirou from “Yarichin Bitch Club”.

The superhuman share house story “Charisma” project is a 2D character content by EVIL LINE RECORDS and Dazed Co., Ltd., the production and management team of “Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle”.
The original idea was designed by Dazed Co., Ltd., and Matsubara Shuu, the scriptwriter of anime such as “Mr. Osomatsu” and “Gintama”. The character design is by illustrator Ebimo, music production by EVIL LINE RECORDS, and the art direction is by BALCOLONY.

The newly released visual is the 2nd character Kusanagi Rikai as “Charisma of Order” (CV: Yamanaka Masahiro).
Moreover, the illustrations of an apron, vacuum cleaner, and laundry, have been unveiled on the official teaser site together with the new countdown that has just started.
Please stay tuned for the upcoming characters, following the 1st and 2nd characters.

“Charisma” will start in autumn 2021.