August 16 is Uchiyama Kouki’s birthday.

Uchiyama Kouki debuted as a child actor, and since then he has played many various roles. He won the New Actor Award at the 5th Seiyu Awards. In 2021, he starred in a wide range of titles, including “Jujutsu Kaisen,” “Horimiya,” and “Farewell, My Dear Cramer”.

To celebrate Uchiyama Kouki’s birthday, we conducted an annual reader survey titled “Who is your favorite character played by Uchiyama Kouki?”. We received responses from 2415 people during the survey period from July 29 to August 5.
The male-female ratio is about 10% for males and about 90% for females. About 55% of the age group were teens, and about 25% were in their 20s.

■ New characters are also ranked high!

1st place

1st place goes to Tsukishima Kei from “Haikyu !!” with an approval rating of about 39%, is the highest since last year.

His cold look and passionate heart are the reason for his popularity, “Tsukishima Kei-kun seems to be a cold, poisonous tongue character, but his passionate heart makes him so cute. He fits perfectly with Uchiyama-san’s voice and I love it.”, and “He portrays Tsukki’s lethargy and sarcasm perfectly, and lively emotions of the fun of volleyball is conveyed so well.”

Many fans were also impressed by the roar full of spirit, “Soft muttering or the calm passionate voice that calmly analyzed the play, all expressions are done so well. But after all, the roar when he blocked Ushijima in the match against Shiratorizawa was the most inspiring!”

2nd place

2nd place goes to Inumaki Toge from “Jujutsu Kaisen” with an approval rating of about 7%. The title that started broadcasting in 2020 is ranked in.

Inumaki Toge is a sophomore at Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College. Because he is a spell caster, he rarely speaks, and when he speaks he says only ingredients of onigiri (rice ball). Readers praised the ability to express various emotions, “All he says is ingredients of onigiri, but you clearly understand his feelings!” The gap from fighting scenes was also noted, “He is so cool during when he’s fighting!”, and “The persuasive power of the strength when he is activating the technique is awesome!”

3rd place

3rd place goes to Miyamura Izumi from “Horimiya”. He was only a few votes behind 2nd place. This is the title of the 2021 broadcast.

At first glance, Miyamura Izumi is a sober high school boy, but he is a character with a certain secret . He changes little by little as he interacts the main character, Hori Kyouko. “Miyamura’s kind personality and Uchiyama-san’s gentle and kind voice matched nicely and I became liking the work itself” and “Warmth in a constant pitch is comfortable. Especially, when he calls her ‘Hori-san’, Miyamura’s love and happiness overflows”, and the comments seem to praise his relaxing voice.

The character from the title of 2021 broke into top-3.

■ Let’s introduce other comments!

For Someya Yuujirou from “Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai Renai Series”, “Uchiyama-san, who has many cool and calm roles, has a cute way of saying sweet lines and talking gently with a high pitch, glittering like a real idol.”

About Otosaka Yuu from “Charlotte”, “I was deeply touched by his ability to guess from the time of his first appearance, the gentle smile he showed to his sister, the bravery to protect his loved ones, and the appearance of many sides of Yu.”

For Idia Shroud from “Disney Twisted Wonderland”, “I couldn’t believe that Uchiyam-san plays a shy and dark character… He seems to be a fast-talking nerd, but then he may suddenly say something idly and dark, and the difference is so natural and amazing! ”
For Kanie Seiya from “Amagi Brilliant Park” readers commented on impressing performance, “In episode 8, there was a scene where other characters disguise Kanie-kun, and Uchiyama-san himself voiced all of them, and I think it’s amazing no matter how many times I watch it.”

In the 2021 version, Tsukishima Kei from “Haikyu !!” showed his strength, while the characters from new titles are ranked in 2nd and 3rd place. We are looking forward to seeing how the rankings will change from next year onwards.

■ Ranking Top 20

“Who is your favorite character played by Uchiyama Koki? 2021 Edition”
1st place Tsukishima Kei “Haikyu !!”
2nd place Inunaki Toge “Jujutsu Kaisen”
3rd place Miyamura Izumi “Horimiya”
4th place Idia Shroud “Disney Twisted Wonderland”
5th place Kirishima Ikuya “Free!”
6th place Someya Yuujirou “Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai Renai Series”
7th place Shigaraki Tomura “My Hero Academia”
8th place Yuri Presetsky “Yuri !!! on ICE”
9th place Roxas “Kingdom Hearts II”
10th place Banagher Links “Mobile Suit Gundam UC”
11th place Otosaka Yuu”Charlotte”
12th place Dessert “Kamen Rider Saber”
13th place Kasane “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”
14th place Benedict Blue “Violet Evergarden”
15th place Gin “To Hotarubi no Mori”
16th place Melem “HUNTER x HUNTER”
17th place Lin Schwarzer “Trails of Erebonia”
18th place Soul Eater “Soul Eater”
19th place Camu “Dragon Quest XI In search of the passing time”
20th place Yuta Asaba “You and me”

(Response period: July 29-August 5, 2021)

* This survey is part of a survey of readers’ awareness of “current interest in and attention to anime works and characters.” Regarding the results, we do not intend to decide the superiority or inferiority of any character or work. We hope that this article will help you to get to know new works and characters, and to deepen your understanding and interest.