Celebrating their 50th and 25th anniversaries respectively, the “Kamen Rider” franchise, and the digital pet game line “Tamagotchi”, have released a new collaboration tamagotchi game,“Kamen Rider-tchi”. Available for pre-orders at Premium Bandai.

The lineup features two types of tamagotchis, “Genesis Green”, designed after Kamen Rider 1’s costume, and “Legacy Gold”, with design based on the ultimate power-up form of the Riders in the series.

Through “Kamen Rider-tchi” fans will be able to hands-on enjoy the entire Kamen Rider history, with more than 40 Kamen Rider pets available for raising. There are also 7 secret pets that can be unlock. Among the “Tamagotchi nano” line (with black and white LCD & simple playing mode) this is the first tamagotchi to feature such a large amount of pets.

Like other tamagotchi games, players start by taking care of a child Kamen Rider, which through proper care and mini-games, can be raised to a full grown Kamen Rider.

Inspired by the world of Kamen Rider, the two mini-games available are the “Rider Kick” and the “Challenge Ride”. In “Rider Kick” the players is cued to press the button repeatedly while the pet Rider is running in the screen. While in “Challenge Ride” evading obstacles while the pet is riding a bike is the goal.

“Kamen Rider-tchi” (2 types) is available for pre-ordering until August 17, 2021. Shipment is slated for December, 2021.

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