“Fuuto Tantei” (first distribution on August 1, 2022), the first animated “Kamen Rider” series and an official sequel to “Kamen Rider W,” has released a trailer PV.

The original story of “Fuuto Tantei” is a comic of the same title that has been serialized in “Weekly Big Comic Spirits” since 2017.
Depicting the “afterstory” of “Kamen Rider W,” which aired in 2009 and became a hot topic due to having two leading actors: Kiriyama Ren as Hidari Shotaro and Suda Masaki as Philip, stylish action scenes, and a story that becomes more complex and serious as the drama progresses, the work is loved by the tokusatsu fans.

In the anime version, Hosoya Yoshimasa will play the role of Hidari Shotaro, a “half-boiled” private detective who pretends to be hard-boiled. Uchiyama Koki will play the role of Shotaro’s partner detective Philip, and Sekine Akira will play Tokime, a femme fatale who the townspeople refer to as the “witch of the T-junction.” Komatsu Mikako will play Narumi Akiko, the head of Narumi Detective Agency, Furukawa Makoto will play Terui Ryu, a police detective in the Paranormal Crime Investigation Division of the Fuuto Police Station, and Ono Daisuke will play the role of a mysterious man named Bando Yukiji who appears in Fuuto.

A trailer PV featuring the theme song “Tsumi to Batsu to Angura (Sin, Punishment, and Underground),” composed and produced by Kikkawa Koji and with vocals and lyrics by Matsuoka Mitsuru, is now available for viewing.

“Fuuto Tantei” will start distribution exclusively on U-NEXT from August 1, 2022, and broadcast on TOKYO MX and other stations from August 8, 2022.
Pre-reservations are now being accepted for a pre-distribution event at Shinjuku Wald 9 on July 30, featuring Hosoya Yoshimasa, Uchiyama Koki, Sekine Akira, Komatsu Mikako, and others, showing episodes one to three. Visit the ticket page for more information.

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