The 3rd “Reiwa Rider” (also the 50th anniversary work of “Kamen Rider” series) called “Kamen Rider Revice” was fully revealed this time. Maeda Kentarou and Kimura Subaru will be the main casts and the broadcast begins on September 5, 2021. Moreover, as the first challenge in “Kamen Rider” history, the movie of “Kamen Rider Revice” was put on the screen together with “Saber+Zenkaiger Super Hero Legend” (released on July 22), and the appearance of the new Kamen Rider was revealed to the public.

The latest work “Kamen Rider Revice” will project “Kamen Rider who made the contract with demons”. The story is set in the world, where the demon worship cult called “Deadmans” uses a mysterious stamp called “Bistamp” and recreates a demon hiding inside ordinary people to create the monster called “Deadman”.

The protagonist Igarashi Ikki contracts with a demon inside him to protect his important family members from Deadmans’ attacks.
The Demon called Vice also changes to “Kamen Rider Vice”, and a hero and a demon forms a tag, and this will the first-ever “1 person to be 2 Kamen Riders”.

Igarashi Ikki will be played by Maeda Kentarou, the new star, and Vice will be played by the voice actor Kimura Subaru. In addition, Ikki’s brother Igarashi Daiji will be played by Hinata Wataru, Ikki’s siter Igarashi Sakura will be played by Imoto Ayaka, and the creator of Rider system George Karizaki will be played by Hamao Noritaka, and the elite Deadman member Orteca will be played by Seki Hayata.

Moreover, 23-minute movie of “Kamen Rider Revice” will be put on the screen together with “Saber+Zenkaiger Super Hero Legend” (released on July 22).
It is the first attempt for “Kamen Rider” series to release the movie prior to the TV program, and it was the luxurious debut suitable for 50th anniversary work.

Furthermore, the production announcement for “Kamen Rider Revice” will be held from noon of July 27, 2021 at “Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club”, “TELASA”, “TV Asahi Super Hero Time YouTube Channel”, and “Toei Tokusatsu YouTube Official” for free. Casts and theme song artists who have not yet been revealed will be released.

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