It was announced that “Kamen Rider” TV series and some of the popular movies of the series had been added to the lineup on the streaming service “dTV” on July 15. With this, a total of 102 works of “Kamen Rider Series” are available on that website.

The TV series that will be added to the lineup of “dTV” are the 1st “Kamen Rider” featuring Fujioka Hiroshi from the “Showa Rider”, the popular series “Kamen Rider V3” that left a mark in the series history, “Kamen Rider Amazon”, “Kamen Rider Stronger”, etc.

The movies’ lineup includes “Go Go Kamen Rider” which was released in 1971 and “Kamen Rider Fourze the Movie: Space, Here We Come!” featuring Fukushima Souta.

For the OV, a total of 57 works, include “Kamen Rider Mach Chapter/Kamen Rider Heart Chapter” and “Kamen Rider Ghost Re-Birth: Kamen Rider Specter” will be added. Along with the existing 45 works in the lineup, a total of 102 works of “Kamen Rider” can be enjoyed on “dTV”. Also, the dTV original work “dTV Video Special Kamen Rider 4” will be included as well.

As “Kamen Rider” will be welcoming its 50 anniversary in 2021, do take this chance to look back on this series at “dTV” on this commemorative year of the hero that grows up together with everyone, ranging from children to adults.