The YouTube channel “Toei SFX YouTube Official” unveiled a preview version of “Fuuto PI” episode 1 on August 9 at 8 pm. At the same time, “‘Fuuto PI’ Behind-the-Scenes Video” in which the director Kabashima Yosuke talks about the stories related to the scenario, art settings, and character designs, has been released.

“Fuuto PI” is an anime based on the manga that is a legitimate sequel to “Kamen Rider W (Double)”, which is serialized in “Weekly Big Comic Spirits.” The story depicts the Kamen Rider W confronting new mysterious incidents in the windy city of “Fuuto.” In this story, Tokime, a mysterious beautiful woman, joins the “buddy detectives” Hidari Shotaro and Philip.

‘Fuuto PI’ began an exclusive distribution on U-NEXT on August 1, followed by the TV broadcast starting on August 8. In addition, a preview version of Episode 1 will be available on “Toei SFX YouTube Official” from August 9 at 8 P.M.
The story features unique characters including Shotaro and Philip, who take on the challenging case involving Tokime, a femme fatale who suddenly appeared in the city of Futo.
If you missed the previous episode, be sure to check it out before the broadcast of Episode 2!

In addition, “‘Fuuto PI’ Behind-the-Scenes Video Vol.1” was also released on “Toei SFX YouTube Official.” In this video, Director Kabashima explains in detail the behind-the-scenes of “Fuuto PI” from the scenario to art settings and character design. Let’s enjoy the video which contains the charm of “Fuuto PI,” such as the passion and persistence that Director Kabashima and the production team put into the art settings, which can only be seen in this movie, together with the main episodes.

“‘Fuuto PI’ Behind-the-Scenes Video” is scheduled to be released up to the fifth volume. The second volume will release at midnight on August 22. More information will be provided through the official social media accounts, so be sure to check them out.

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