A new production “Gamera: Rebirth” has been announced from “Gamera,” a “giant monster” series loved by monster fans around the world from the Showa to Heisei eras. The new film is to be distributed worldwide on Netflix.

“Gamera” is the monster that appears in “Gamera The Giant Monster,” a special effects film released by Daiei (now KADOKAWA) back in 1965. Gamera is a righteous ally that protects people from danger on Earth, and has a unique personality with a humorous appearance modeled after turtles and the ability to fly.

It gained popularity for its unique style, such as its disk-shaped rotating flight, and for its bravery in confronting any formidable enemy, and after “Gamera The Giant Monster,” a total of eight films were produced as the Showa-Gamera series up to “Space Monster Gamera.” Since then, the “Heisei Gamera Trilogy” and the “Little Brave Guys: Gamera” series have been developed.

To commemorate the production of the new film, two powerful teaser visuals were released simultaneously. Kaneko Shusuke, director of the “Heisei Gamera Trilogy,” commented, “When I proposed the concept I developed for the Reiwa Gamera, KADOKAWA had already been working on a new project. I saw their project overview and thought, ‘That’s a new, potential angle.’ In this new project, my position is like a baseball commentator with experience as a Gamera team manager, and I will continue to support them until they win the championship.”

In addition, Gamera figures will be on display at the “TAMASHII NATION 2022,” which will be held from November 18 to 20, 2022. Special newspapers with the head news of Gamera’s appearance will also be distributed at the event.

The visual will also be displayed on the Shibuya Super Board of the Tokyu Toyoko Line on a large scale. In Osaka, the special trailer will be played on the Bigman screen in Umeda.

(C)2023 KADOKAWA/ GAMERA Rebirth Production committee