The YouTube channel “MeshiKoe” (lit. Food’s Voice) has started on June 30, 2021. The first video “Muscular Tonkatsu Curry and Hot-blooded Hamburg Steak” voiced by Eguchi Takuya and Nishiyama Koutarou has been released.

“MeshiKoe” is a content where the foods are given a personality and a voice as they have a conversation inside the mind of the hungry main protagonist. As the foods are given life by the voice actor, they will urge to “Eat me” as well as having a fierce battle sometimes, making this a variety channel featuring the voice actors and gourmets.

Each video will feature different voice actors, so one of the highlights is the passionate performance by the voice actors. The first video feature Eguchi Takuya as the voice of the muscular tonkatsu curry and Nishiyama Koutarou as the hot-blooded Hamburg steak.

When asked on the opinion after voicing the food, Eguchi said “I’m hungry now! (haha) As I always have a midnight snack, if this were told to me, I would eat all of it…. (haha)”. The feedback from Nishiyama is “It the desire of the food that was born by human, to be eaten by a human! I will do my best in the ‘Please eat me’.” as he reflects back on the recording.

The interview with the voice actors after the recording as well as the off-shoot photo during the recording will be released sequentially on the official Twitter.

“MeshiKoe” is scheduled to have a new video on (almost) every Wednesday.

(C) meshikoe