Season 3 of “Shouta-sama and Butler Nishiyama no Otawamure”, a sitcom voice acting variety show with Aoi Shouta and Nishiyama Koutarou as MCs, has been decided and will be distributed on Fuji TV TWO Drama/Anime and Fuji TV TWOsmar.

In this program, “2.5D actors” visit and talk with Aoi Shouta and Nishiyama Koutarou who are active as voice actors.
In the third season, “Shouta-sama and Butler Nishiyama’s Otawamure Super”, a variety of people appear as guests in each episode, including Takahashi Kensuke, star of “Ultraman X”, and Kamen Rider’s senior and junior actors Watanabe Shuu and Shiramata Atsushi. In addition to playing popular Nintendo Switch games, card games, and other “Otawamure” games, the actors also perform their own impromptu “etudes”.

Also, you can still enjoy the surreal world of “Shouta-sama”, the ultimate indoor master who keeps “staying home”, and “Nishiyama, the butler” who gets pushed around by his master.
We also received comments from Aoi Shouta and Nishiyama Koutarou.

“Shouta-sama and his butler Nishiyama no Otawamure Super” will be distributed on Fuji TV TWO Drama/Anime and Fuji TV TWOsmar from July 2021, with one episode per month for a total of three episodes.

<The following is the full text of the comments>
Aoi Shouta
I think this third season of the show has powered up and made it even more “Super”, so I hope you can enjoy the new and improved version of the show. We played various games with the guests again, and I think the show has brought out the inner side of each one of them, a side that even the fans don’t know yet. I rely on Nishiyama-kun’s MC skills every time, and he helps me a lot every time I do the show. I’d like to do my best so that “Shota-sama” can be called the “Baka-dono (Idiot Boss) of this world”, so I hope you’ll continue to support me!

Nishiyama Koutarou
It’s not often that we get to have fun together during the corona pandemic, so it was really fun to get together and play games and deepen our friendship with the guests, even though we had never met them before. Of course, I’ve said this every time with Shota, but I feel like we’re getting to know each other even better, and I’m honored to be doing the show with “Shota” and I’m really encouraged that he’s my partner. The program has also become ‘Super’, so I’d be happy if you could watch it again.

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