Eguchi Takuya will appear in the voice actors’ series of “TV Guide Issue 2021 April 30” (released April 21, 2021). Moreover, it has been announced that live photos will be attached as a bonus for those who purchase it through Animate mail order. Pre-orders are available at bookstores and online bookstores nationwide.

Eguchi Takuya, who will make his solo artist debut with the mini-album “EGUISM” on April 21, 2021, appeared in the voice actors’ series “Love Voice!”.
The live photo, which is a bonus for purchases on Animate mail order this time, shows a challenging moment .

There are 6 types of designs, including sexy photos taken in the shower space and sofa, impressive poses with red ribbons and apples, cool sunglasses and hats, and even a playful two-shot with a giraffe plush toy. A comment from Eguchi has also arrived.

“TV Guide 2021 April 30th” will be released on April 21, 2021. The price is 430 JPY.

Comment from Eguchi Takuya
In a word, the shooting for the Weekly TV Guide was “great” (laughs). Because the photographer was unique, and the word selection and atmosphere were unique. It was a feeling that new aspects were brought out more and more by the view of the world. I also used a spray bottle when shooting in the shower space. The photographer said, “OK! Let’s get wet!” There was another shoot after that, but the make-up artist, who is always indebted to me, said, “It’s okay! Let’s go!” It was really interesting to see the tempo of the scene. The Weekly TV Guide has taken up the issue so far, but I heard that there are so many responses each time. I am always grateful for support. This time, I was able to take many challenging photos at the timing of my solo debut. I think those photos will create a nice atmosphere, so please check it out!