The new future TV “ABEMA” broadcasted “Say You to Yo Asobi Monday [Yasumoto Hiroki x Maeno Tomoaki] #6” from 10:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. on May 24, 2021 on “Anime LIVE Channel”.

In the broadcast, a birthday special was held to celebrate Maeno Tomoaki’s birthday on May 26. They celebrated his birthday with “I want Maeno-san to eat a special (something)” and “Let’s make a new (something) for Maeno-san”.

■ Maeno Tomoaki was touched by Yasumoto Hiroki’s home-cooked meal and presents!?

The program had a special program to celebrate Maeno’s 39th birthday. Maeno-san celebrated in a professional baseball style, appearing to baseball announcements and flying jet balloons.
First of all, in response to Maeno-san’s comment at the meeting that he wanted to eat curry, they prepared curry from Aubergine, a favorite of “Monday Yo Asobi”. The curry was topped with roast Chateaubriand beef from Matsuzaka beef, which Yasumoto-san had made by hand. The extravagant combination was met with “What?”, and Maeno-san said excitedly, “It’s so good!” “So tender!” He tasted Yasumoto-san’s gift with a happy look on his face, saying, “Yo Asobi is heavenly” and “Curry goes really well with it”.

He also received a congratulatory message from Kamei Yoshiyuki of the Yomiuri Giants. This was the second surprise from Kamei-san, after the first broadcast (#1), and he said, “Don’t ask him to do anything!” and “What a troublesome request to the Japanese baseball world’s treasure……” He expressed his gratitude for Kamei’s kindness, saying, “Whenever I see him, he always calls out to me,” and “I really appreciate it”.

In the program, a corner called “Let’s make Maeno-san’s new uniform” was held. As a gift to Maeno-san, who wanted to make a new uniform, the program found him a store where he could make a custom-made uniform. They asked him to make his own original uniform.
The shape, color, and design can all be customized, so Maeno-san was able to solidify his image while picking up a number of samples. Once he had a clear idea of the direction he wanted to take, he used a computer simulation system to try out various color and design combinations, and decided on a base color of yellow and purple, the colors of the show “Yo Asobi”.

Yasumoto, who was looking on, said, “This system is interesting,” and “It’s so much fun!”, and seemed to be very interested in the system that displayed various patterns. When Maeno-san was stuck for ideas, Yasumoto-san asked, “Do you want to tighten it up with black? When you see a uniform based on yellow, you can use navy blue,” he advised.
He continued, “This is cool! He continued, “This is so cool!” “It’s so unique,” he said, as he immersed himself in creating the “Yo Asobi” style uniforms. Once the design was decided, they looked forward to its completion.

Towards the end of the program, Yasumoto-san once again sent a message, “I know it’s a little early, but happy birthday,” and “I hope you have a healthy year ahead of you”.
Maeno-san also expressed his gratitude to Yasumoto-san and the audience for celebrating his birthday, saying, “I don’t think it’s often that I get to spend such a wonderful birthday, so this was a memory that will last a lifetime.