“SAY YOU TO YOASOBI [Shimono Hiro x Uchida Maaya] # 2” was broadcast on the new future TV “ABEMA” “Anime LIVE Channel” on April 20.
This time, “Celebrate Hiro’s 41st Birthday SP” was dedicated to celebrating Shimono’s birthday. In addition to “‘Birthday tradition! Hiro’s costume change’ to the doctor’s uniform”, which was announced in the previous broadcast (# 1), programs such as “Hiro-kun’s Question 41” and “Kyoshou, Uchida kantoku ni yoru Takeru mi gekijou” were held.

“Celebration Hiro-kun’s 41st birthday SP” was a special event to celebrate Shimono, who reached 41-years old on April 21, the day after the broadcast.
First of all, at the opening, Shimono appeared wearing a juban (underwear for kimono). Uchida burst into laughter as he slowly walked toward the studio, “I thought a pervert had come in,” and Shimono lamented, “Foolish” and “I looked more pervert than you can expect.”

After receiving cake and gifts with Shimono’s photos and messages from fans, Shimono decided to “change clothes” to the costumes announced in the previous (# 1) broadcast. He changed into the costume inspired by the Japanese romance doctor drama called “Takeru”, which was Uchida’s request.
When Shimono dressed as a doctor appeared , Uchida was very excited, saying, “Oh no! I’m dead.”, “It looks great. Good!” The audience also laughed embarrassedly at the acclaimed comments such as “It’s cool!”, “White clothes are the best!”, and “I want to meet a doctor like this!”

In the second half of the program, “Kyoshou, Uchida kantoku ni yoru Takeru mi gekijou”(“Let’s master the Takeru-like atmosphere! Presented by Director Uchida”) was held. There Uchida, dressed as a director, gave acting guidance to transform Shimono into a “Tsundere Doctor”. Shimono whispers to the head microphone the lines according to the situation, such as “Dr. Takeru measuring the patient’s body temperature” and “Dr. Takeru and new nurses”.

Shimono responded to Uchida’s detailed direction, “Touch a forehead with your forehead!”, “You are kind, but your words are strong”, “Doctor, do you really like me? Why do you say this? This director is strict, isn’t she? ”
As the corner progressed, Uchida started asking, accelerating the play, “Do you hear the sound of Shimono-san’s heart in the stethoscope? Can you hear my heartbeat? It’s getting faster after meeting you, right?-This is it!, ” What about me? “(That line) is the best! I’m not here.”,”If you’re in trouble, I’ll ask you what you’re worried about.” )

Shimono, who responds to Uchida’s acting guidance, was worried about the viewer’s reaction, “I don’t know the correct answer,, “I’m thrilled about coming comments”, and “Was it really good?”, “My heart is pounding”, “Cool”, “Close!”, “It’s already good! It’s really embarrassing.”, and other exciting comments.
After that, Shimono, who had a series of disgusting lines, said that he enjoyed it, saying, “It’s fun to play because I’m an actor, even though I’m a voice actor,” and “I’m scared to see broadcast.”

Then, when the program was about to end, Uchida took out a letter saying with tears in her eyes, “A little something from me…”. “Shimono-san, who became my third-year companion. I’m glad to be with you this year.”, “Shimono-san is a big black pillar and our cool hero. I love you.” Shimono reacted, “Man, why you are that serious…Letters makes me cry” with tears in his eyes.

At the end, Shimono closed the 41st birthday SP by thanking the viewers, “2021 has just begun! I hope everyone will enjoy it. Thank you for your continued support.”

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