“Seiyu to Yoasobi WEEKEND [Morikubo Shotaro x Nakamura Shugo] #1” with voice actors Morikubo Shotaro and Nakamura Shugo as MCs was streamed on “ABEMA” on April 17, 2021. Iwata Mitsuo, Yashiro Taku, and Yasumoto Hiroki appeared to celebrate the first broadcast of the show as guests.

In this first episode of “Seiyu to Yoasobi WEEKEND,” Morikubo and Nakamura appeared in a luxury limousine. The two, who are supposed to pair up for the first time this season, emphasized how they are good together saying, “We have good chemistry,” “He can’t stop talking when he is with me,” “I’m not a talkative person, but somehow I talk to Morikubo-san.” and “We both play music and we are soul mates.”.

The two said, “We don’t even know where we’re going,” when the panel announced the timetable for the show and that the three special guests would join the show in the middle, and they predicted the guests, saying, “There’s pattern A and pattern B,” and “I know two of them, but I’m not sure who the other one is.”

As soon as they arrived at the meeting point for the first guest, Iwata Mitsuo appeared. They were surprised to see their mentor standing alone in the rain. Back in the limousine, the three started talking. Nakamura revealed the talk in the past, “Iwata-san always told me that Morikubo Shotaro was like me, so we would get along well.” Then Iwata said he was delighted to learn that two kohai he has been taking care of would pair up, “That’s why I’m so happy to hear that you two are going to host a show. It must be fun.”

Going onto the next topic, it was “alcohol.” Iwata said, “When Shotaro was young, he came to the wrap-up party late for some reason, and he tried his best to make up for it by livening up the party. Then he started to lose his voice and said, ‘I love you, Iwata-san!’ He said that three times (laughs). But the moment he said it three times, he stimulated my maternal instinct. I thought he was cute,” revealing an episode of Morikubo when he was in his 20s. Morikubo said, blushing his face, “What? Is that me? I don’t remember that at all.”

Next, when they arrived at the meeting point for the second guest, Iwata got off and headed for the studio first. In front of the two goin for the next meeting point for the second guest, Yashiro Taku, the second guest, who gives them a “wait a minute lecture” appeared while imitating Morikubo. Even though the two were bewildered by the strange scene, Yashiro relentlessly gave them a “wait a minute” lecture, and Morikubo was tense, saying “That guy is reassuring” and “Really, please wait a minute.”

After returning to the limousine, the three talked about their relationship with each other and the episode of blunder while drinking. Yashiro said, “Shugo has been a music lover since we met, and on his way home from work, he would say, ‘I made a song, please listen to it.’ and I said ‘Good,’ and ‘Great work,’ revealing that Nakamura made him listen to the demo tape. Morikubo agreed saying, “Of course he does! He’d send me demos, too.” Morikubo complimented, “It’s nice to write a song and then you go, ‘Listen to this!’ It must be nice to be young,” while Nakamura was embarrassed, “This is so embarrassing.”

Finally, when they arrived at the meeting point for the third guest, they met a man wearing a horse mask. The silhouette of the man looked familiar to them, and Nakamura immediately recognized him, saying “I know this figure,” and “I’ve seen you around recently, haven’t I?” As soon as Nakamura found out, Yasumoto Hiroki, the third guest, appeared.
The third guest, Yasumoto Hiroki, who was the Monday MC with Nakamura last season, said, “Aren’t you too easy when partners changed? You follow new things lightly”, showing his jealousy. Nakamura said, “I’m tweeting with love on Mondays too! I got Yasumoto-san’s figure at a glance because I see him every week,” returning his affection.

And when they arrived at their final destination, the Nippon Budokan, the three of them gazed at it from a distance and thought about ‘holding an event here someday,’ before heading back to the studio to talk again.

“Seiyu to Yoasobi WEEKEND [Morikubo Shotaro x Nakamura Shugo] #1” is currently being streamed on “ABEMA Video”. The three guests also appeared on the show to talk about more in-depth nightlife in “Seiyu to Yoasobi WEEKEND: Dead-Drunk Stand-up Drinking Talk! is also being streamed on “ABEMA PPV ONLINE LIVE”.