“SAY YOU TO YOASOBI Friday【Seki Tomokazu×Hatanaka Tasuku】#1”, run by the voice actors Seki Tomokazu and Hatanaka Tasuku, was broadcast on April 16, 2021 at “ABEMA”. In this show where Hatanaka Tasuku runs the show for the first time, there was a project called, “Overcome the former MCs! Special challenge to famous projects from the past!” to deal with the programs done by former partners of Seki.

This episode was the first show for “SAY YOU TO YOASOBI 2021” held on Fridays. Hatanaka first appeared by himself to open the show. He continues by himself since he heard that Seki has a stomachache…it was actually a surprise on Hatanaka.

While reacting to reckless comments sent by the staff, Hatanaka runs the show smoothly. After realizing the staff interacting with him was Seki, he was surprised, “Wait, what is going on?” and requests “please, I need you to come back”. After the actual aim was revealed to him, Hatanaka commented “What? It was a surprise? It was so scary”, and took a step toward the challenge given by Friday.

In the show, “Overcome the former MCs! Special challenge to famous projects from the past!” was held. The goal was to become a “5th man” by overcoming former MCs from “SAY YOU TO YOASOBI Friday”. While many comments from former MCs encouraged him by saying, “Enjoy the program since you will learn a lot from it”, “Hatanaka-san, don’t be too scared”, and “You can do it!”, Hatanaka commented “I am here to become a fun toy for Seki-san”.

The first challenge was “bondage” by the first MC-Satou Takuya. Hatanaka looked anxious but seemed to enjoy it at the same time. Him being hanged commented, “it is very embarrassing, and I was sweating”, but surprisingly “enjoying this”.

Seki took pictures of him because “It is a rare occasion”, and looked fulfilled since it looked “nice” and “fun”. Audience also praised Hatanaka for challenging the program by saying, “Hatanaka Tasuku is awesome!” and “I now like him”.

Later, Hatanaka participated in the 2nd challenge called “Balloon explosion challenge” by Kimura Subaru, the 3rd challenge “Blink Prohibition Challenge” by Ookawa Genki, and the 4th challenge “Karaoke Score Challenge” by Morikubo Shoutarou. Hatanaka dealt with the explosion while screaming and have his pants torn in “Balloon explosion challenge”, he surprised Seki in “Karaoke Score Challenge” by getting 91 points as his score.

When Hatanaka tried “Blink Prohibition Challenge” proposed by Ookawa, the man who was good at having patience, he instantly blinked. Seki pointed that out, and Hatanaka reacted that he “didn’t blink. It was convlusion”-the judgment was “challenge failed”. He tried again but he blinked in 40 seconds or so, and this did not reach the score of “Ookawa the Patient” at all. Hatanaka seemed to regret that he “wanted to overcome Ookawa-san” with 3 victories and 1 loss, Seki encouraged him by saying, “It was a good score for the first try. It was a nice try”.

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