Voice actors Shimono Hiro and Kaji Yuki played in the TV commercial “no doubt”, an animated version of an original corporate tie-up novel by novelist Sumino Yoru, known for “I Want to Eat Your Pancreas”.
They play as high school boys who spend time with their friends for no reason. Along with the full-length TV commercial, a making-of video and a video that includes a special interview have also been released.

“no doubt” is a coming-of-age story about two high school boys who don’t have club activities or part-time jobs, and spend their time together for no reason. It depicts the ordinary, everyday life when they realize that “that was my youth” as an adult, and the Bourbon’s “rich chocolate brownies” that are with them. This is the first novel written by Sumino, who is known for “I Want to Eat Your Pancreas,” and is an original corporate tie-up novel based on the theme of “respecting feelings that have no reason.”

In the anime TV commercial, Shimono plays as a high school boy, Imai, and Kaji plays as his classmate, Igarashi, as well as in the previously released audio novel version.
In the special interview, they talk about their impressions of the filming, their youthful episodes related to their roles as high school boys, and their favorite things even if there is no reason for them, along with the theme of the film.

The anime TV commercial “no doubt,” a coming-of-age story, in which Shimono Hiro and Kaji Yuki play as high school boys, has been released since April 13.
You can also watch all five episodes of the audio novel version of “no doubt” on Bourbon’s official YouTube channel, so check it out as well.

<Full text of the comments as follows〉
Shimono Hiro as Imai
This time, I played as Imai, but I never thought I’d get to play a part in such a coming-of-age story, and when the director explained that Imai was “the typical type of boy who lives today,” which made me a little nervous as I am over 40 years old.

The story is basically from the point of view of Imai. It’s a story about the indescribable and exquisite interaction between Igarashi and Imai, which makes me want to keep enjoying the atmosphere that I get from working with Kaji. The rich chocolate brownies are also a keyword in the story, so please enjoy listening to how they appear and how they are expressed. I hope you enjoy it.

Kaji Yuki as Igarashi
I’ve read Sumino Yoru’s works before… and this newly written “no doubt” is a really wonderful story. The unstable feelings and indescribable atmosphere of adolescence were exquisitely expressed through the two boys, Imai and Igarashi. I was trembling from the moment I read the script by myself, so I was really looking forward to seeing what would happen in the recording. I think that the atmosphere of my long-time relationship with Shimono-san is reflected in the work. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the taste of the “rich chocolate brownie” to the fullest through the coming-of-age episodes. Please listen to it while biting a “rich chocolate brownie”. Thank you very much!