The “#Let’s go with Oshi Hairstyles!” project, a collaboration between the anime “[Oshi no Ko]” and “Hot Pepper Beauty”, one of the largest search and reservation services for hair salons, relaxing and beauty salons in Japan, started on April 26, 2023. A movie announcing this has also been distributed.

The TV anime “[Oshi no Ko]” is based on a manga series in “Weekly Young Jump” by Akasaka Aka of “Kaguya-sama Love is War” and Yokoyari Mengo of “Scum’s Wish”, which depicts the “entertainment world” from a completely new angle. The story begins when Goro, an obstetrician and gynecologist working in a provincial city, is visited by Ai, his “favorite” idol from “B-Komachi,” with a forbidden secret.
Directed by Hiramaki Daisuke, animation production is handled by Animation Studio. The cast includes Takahashi Rie as Ai, Otsuka Takeo as Aqua, Igoma Yurie as Ruby, Ito Kento as Goro, Takayanagi Tomoha as Sarina, Uchiyama Yumi as Aqua in her childhood, and Han Megumi as Arima Kana.

The newly launched “#Let’s go with Oshi Hairstyles!” is a contest in which viewers vote to select new hairstyles for Aqua, Ruby, and Kana Arima, who are auditioning to become models for the “Hot Pepper Beauty” commercial. The candidate hairstyles will be limited styles that are not depicted in the original story or anime.

In the movie announcing the collaboration, the three are talking at school when Ruby suddenly asks, “Have you heard of ‘Hot Pepper Beauty’?” When Aqua and Arimaa Kana also use Hot Pepper Beauty, Ruby sees their reaction and says, “There is an audition for a commercial model, so let’s join!” She invites them to attend.
Kana Arima suggested, “Then why don’t you change your hairstyle and give it a makeover?” In the end, the three decided to participate in the audition and asked the audience to vote on the hairstyle they would like us to have. That is the story.

The Web commercial featuring Aqua, Ruby, and Kana Arima in the hairstyles chosen by the viewers as their “hair style of choice” is scheduled to be distributed in June. In addition, everyone who participates in the voting and tweets from the voting completion page will receive an original illustration of the three transformed into the hairstyles they voted for as a gift at a later date. For more details, please check the special website for “#Let’s go with Oshi Hairstyles!”