The original TV anime “YouTuNya,” which depicts the daily life of a “streamer cat” suffering in the social media society, will be broadcast and distributed from April 4, 2023. Along with this, a trailer has been released. Information on the cast and the ending theme was also announced, and comments were received from Fairouz Ai and Kaji Yuki.

“YouTuNya” is an original TV anime by animation artist Takada Bear (CHOCOLATE Inc.) of “Ketakuma (Ketatamashiku Ugoku Kuma)” and “Raccos”, and anime director Yatate Kyo of “Panpaka Pants” and “Cogimyun”. The anime depicts the daily life of “Nya”, a streamer cat on a small channel, suffering in the social media society.

The newly released trailer is full of the charm and cuteness of the Nya and friends, who are concerned about the number of viewers of their video postings. The cast includes Fairouz Ai as Nya, Kaji Yuki as Tomoneko, Sasaki Mirai as Cute Onee-san, and Otsuka Akio as the narrator.
Fairouz, Kaji, and ANCHOR who performs the ending theme “Bazure! YouTuNya!” have commented on the release.

The TV animation “YouTuNya” will be broadcast every Tuesday from April 4 on KBC Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Corporation’s “Asadesu KBC” and other channels. The anime will also be distributed through official accounts on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram from the same day.

【Nya: Fairouz Ai】
Nya-chan is whimsical and very cat-like, loving fun toys and treats, but is also very human, caring about the number of views and comments on video websites, which is a great combination!
Nya is actually very unique with a lot of facial expressions, so please pay attention to that as well. Enjoy!

【Tomoneko: Kaji Yuki】
How cute. How soothing. An animation that makes you want to watch it all the time in your free time has been born. That’s “YouTuNya”. They will blow away all your worries. Please empty your mind and enjoy it to your heart’s content. Meow.

Hi, this is ANCHOR!
We have written a variety of music for this catchy and cute piece of work that fits perfectly in this age of video clips.
We hope you enjoy the incidental musical created not by a cat, but by Nishimoto-san, as well as the fun and energetic music by Yaneura Shobo.
This is off-topic, but the expensive camera that I bought with the intention of posting cute videos when I invited a cat into our home has successfully turned into a dusty objet d’art.

(C)YouTuNya/Association to Watch Over Nya