The movie “Gintama The Final”, which was released on January 8, 2021, has surpassed 530 million JPY in box office revenue within four days of its release. It was announced that about 380,000 people attended the movie. At the same time, original drawings of the “Shin-Sen-Gumi” members were unveiled for the admission gifts distributed in the second and third week of the release.

“Gintama” is an anime work based on the comic series by Sorachi Hideaki Sorachi, which was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump”. 15 years of anime series have been broadcasted and two movie versions have been produced. This will be the third movie version, and it has been announced that it will end “for real this time”.

The announced box office results for the first four days are as follows: January 8, 113,278 people, with a box office revenue of 156,002,340 JPY; January 9, 114,158 people, with a box office revenue of 162,233,520 JPY; January 10, 90,177 people, with a box office revenue of 125,259,980 JPY; January 11, 66,607 people, with a box office revenue of 87,854,480 JPY.
The total result was 384,220 attendance and 531,350,320 JPY in box office revenue.

The Saturday and Sunday numbers were 145% compared to the first film “Gintama the Movie: A New Translation of Gintama” and 102% compared to the second film “Gintama the Movie: Conclusion: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”. The male to female ratio was 4:6, with a wide range of customers from late teens to 30s.

In the second and third week of the film’s release, Sorachi Hideaki, the author of the original story, took on the challenge of drawing the original pictures for the film, and three new pictures of the Shinsengumi, Fuji Isao, Hijikata Toushiro, and Okita Sougo, were released.
The three shots show a glimpse of Shinsengumi in their daily lives, with Okita provoking Hijikata with a cigarette, and Kondo watching on with a smile as the two argue as usual. Two types of original pictures, this one and the recently released “Manjiya” one, will be randomly distributed in the second week.

The movie “Gintama the Final” is currently in theaters nationwide. We will continue to keep an eye out for more information about this “rule-breaking” film.

(C) Sorachi Hideaki Sorachi / Gintama the Movie Production Committee