The voice actress, Sakamoto Maaya, known for her roles as Oshino Shinobu from “Monogatari Series” and Aerith from “Final Fantasy VII” has updated her official website on December 27, 2021. It was revealed that she is pregnant with her husband Suzumura Kenichi’s children and the delivery is scheduled for 2022.

In 2011, Sakamoto married the voice actor Suzumura Kenichi, known for his roles as Okito Sougo from “Gintama” and Zack from “Final Fantasy VII”.
After the marriage, she remained active as a voice actress, singer, and actress, but she has announced her absence in the musical “Little Princess” that is scheduled for January 2022 in October 2021 due to health issues.

On December 27, Sakamoto has updated her blog on her official website. While looking back at 2021, which is her 25th anniversary as a singer, she has announced her pregnancy with “I am proud to announce that I am pregnant and the delivery is scheduled for next year. We’re happy as our awaiting wish has finally been fulfilled.”

It was then followed with the explanation of “I was instructed by my attending physician to have a complete bed rest during these few months, so I had made a sudden announcement on my absence on all my works. I am sorry for the trouble caused to all affiliated personnel as well as worrying the fans.” Regarding her future activities, “As things have calmed thing by a bit, I planned to continue work bit by bit while taking care of my health. I will do my best so that I am able to repay the debt to everyone who is looking over me.

Also, Suzumura also announced on his own official website, saying “As I am able to see a new scenery after becoming a father, I will do my best next year so that I am able to grow as a performer! Please look forward to it.”