“Osomatsu-san~NEET’s Way of Life Exhibition~”, which displayed more than 500 original drawings, movies, and models, started at Ikebukuro Sunshine City in Tokyo from Dec. 18.

“Osomatsu-san” is currently broadcasting its 3rd TV series and had originally started in 2015. Since then, the stage play “Osomatsu-san on STAGE” and many apps, including “Hesokuri Wars”, continues to charm the fans until today.
“Osomatsu-san~NEET’s Way of Life Exhibition~” summarized everything up to this point, and this is the latest exhibition since the one held in 2016.

First, “Six-sibling car”, which appeared in the ending theme for the first half of 2nd season, will welcome you at the entrance. After that the models of the brothers on the roulette of the real-size, “the life history”, focusing on 6 siblings, more than 500 drawings, “okigae paradise”, and equipment of the stage and from the apps, can be enjoyed step by step.

“Six Life Histories” situated 6 poles, focusing on the individual of the 6 characters. The original drawing of each are displayed, such as “Relaxing Detective” for Osomatsu and “Karamatsu Taxi” for Karamatsu.
Moreover, original displays are ready for each character, as Esper Nyanko Panel is displayed for Ichimatsu.
When you take a step forward, the original drawings of several unique “matsus”, including “Jitsumatsu” and “Joshimatsu” from the popular scenes, are displayed. The visitors seem to enjoy the nostalgic memory of them by looking at each scene.

Another section where the visitors seem to take time is “Drawing Paradise”.
Here displayed the illustrations originally scheduled to display at “Osomatsu-san Museum: Drawing Paradise of 6 Siblings” (canceled). Some visitors looked for a memorable scene cut, as they “cannot leave this section”.

Following the plate set accordingly will lead you to the classroom with 6 desks. The emotional scenes will come back with the message on the blackboard saying, “Congrats on your graduation”.
The section next to it displayed scenes from 3rd season. The new 6 siblings from episode 1, and the drawings by the voice actors in 3rd season are already displayed, making the visitors surprise.

The display for the app exhibited the illustrations and setting drawings for “Osomatsu-san’s Hesokuri War~Neet’s Battle”, “Osomatsu-san’s Neet Board Game Relaxing Journey”, “New Puzzle-Matsu-san: New Product Graduation Plan”, and “Osomatsu-san: Greedy! NEET Island”. The pictures that put you into the world of “Hesokuri Wars” can be taken at the photo booth.

The stage act exhibition displayed the set actually used to recreate Matsuno house in addition to the costume and equipment. The living room, recreated precisely according to the background data of the play, will take you to the actual world of “Osomatsu-san”.
Moreover, underwear-shaped POP hidden in the exhibition called “Find Dekapan!” and the activity to answer 13 questions hidden around the display titled “”NEET’s Way of Life Questions”, can be enjoyed with your body, not just looking at the displays.

“Osomatsu-san~NEET’s Way of Life Exhibition~” will be held until Dec. 27 in Tokyo. “Random 6 Sibling Greeting” will be held at the exit on Dec. 24 and Dec. 27, and 2 of the siblings will stand at the entrance and see you off.
Please enjoy the journey of learning about their way of life by purchasing the ticket on the day you visit.

(C) Akatsuka Fujio/ Osomastsu-san Production Committee