From “appside”, voice actor Kamiya Hiroshi’s 2nd full album to be released on December 21, 2022, song contents, cover photo, artist photo, SPOT, and designs for the bonus bromide, which will differ for each store, have been revealed.

Kamiya Hiroshi was born in Chiba on January 28, and his blood type is A. He is one of the most talented voice actors and can play various characters with his characteristic soothing voice. He is known for Tieria Erde in the “Mobile Suit Gundam 00” series, Trafalgar D. Water Law in “One Piece”, and Levi in “Attack on Titan”. In the fall anime, he is currently playing Moroboshi Ataru, the protagonist in “Urusei Yatsura”, which was revived in Reiwa.

He has been chosen as Best Actor in a supporting role in the 2nd Seiyu Awards, and Best Actor in a leading role and Best Personality in the 3rd Seiyu Awards in 2009, which made him the first voice actor that has won the triple crowns in the Seiyu Awards. Besids voice acting, he also serves as a radio personality.

Kamiya is now releasing a full album 11 years after he released his 1st full album “Harezora”. Titled “appside”, his 2nd full album will contain 10 songs, including “Kibou no Uzu” composed by flumpool and “Dirve” that he first performed in Fan×Fun Time2022.
A deluxe edition will come with a Blu-ray, which contains a music clip, making video, and trailer, photo booklet, SNS-style clear card, and poster calendar (random from 3 designs).

In addition, you will be given a different bonus respectively at Animate, TSUTAYA, Seven Net Shopping, Neowing, Rakuten Books, Amazon, and A-on STORE/A!SMART. Please do not miss out on it.

To commemorate the release, a special event will be held in Tokyo, Osaka, Aichi, Fukuoka, and Miyagi, where you can enjoy a talk session and screening with a gift. Please visit the Kiramune official website for more details.

Kamiya Hiroshi’s 2nd full album “appside” will be released on December 21.