Broadcast of season 3 of the TV anime series “Kingdom”, which started in April 2020 and postponed after episode 5, has been announced that it is set to restart. At the same time, new visuals and special news PV have been released. Those TV anime series are scheduled to resume broadcast on NHK General TV from April 2021.

This anime is based on the manga of the same name by Hara Yasuhisa, serialized in “Weekly Young Jump”. The cumulative sales of published copies have exceeded 68 million, and the first live-action movie was released in April 2019. The story is set in China during the Warring States period and depicts the life of a boy, Xin (CV. Morita Masakazu), whose aim is to become one of the “Great Generals of the Heavens”, and a young king, Ying Zheng (CV. Fukuyama Jun), who will become the first emperor.

The new visual released this time shows Xin who stands on a desolate battlefield while the light of dawn shines. Even though he is hurt, his is standing defiantly with a strong look of “I will get up again and again” in his eyes. This is what makes you feel the spirit of “indomitable”.
In the PV, the appearance of “indomitable faith” is pointed out as well as in the visual.

In addition, following the decision to resume broadcasting, comments arrived from the production staff including the original author Hara Yasuhisa.

Season 3 of the TV anime “Kingdom” is scheduled to restart broadcasting on NHK General TV from April 2021.

■ Full comments are below
Original author: Hara Yasuhisa
Season 3 of TV anime will finally resume broadcasting from April next year!!!
Amid this corona wreck, thanks to all the staff, including the director and voice actors who have been persistently making this large volume of this joint military chapter, we are planning to deliver it to everyone safely.
In the joint military chapter, which is the largest war in the original story, the faithful people continue to fight with an indomitable spirit for the survival of Qin. I hope you will be impressed by it.
It’s almost time to resume broadcasting! I also want to look forward to it.

Director: Imaizumi Kenichi
I’m Imaizumi, the director.
Everyone who is looking forward to the anime “Kingdom”, I’m really sorry for making you wait.
The broadcast broke at the place where “the battle of Hakotani Seki finally began”.
Although it was difficult to cancel dubbing (we cannot dub in a group) and other meetings were done remotely, the production site continued to work firmly and carefully.
All the staff have been working hard so that everyone can see the work again in a more powerful form as we have been waiting for the anime to resume someday.
I myself am encouraged by “the image of Xin and his men, who are enduring the attacks of a huge enemy and still fighting for victory.”
I hope it will be a work that gives courage to everyone, and the highlights of the work are coming.
Please wait a little longer.

Story editor: Takagi Noboru

It was the first time for me to have experience of an unknown disease pandemic, and the first time for me to postpone the broadcast of the work I was involved in. For screenwriters as well, and for everyone in the field of anime production, these situations are unimaginable. I would like to be pleased not only as a staff member but also as a person living in this era that the decision to resume here has been made.
I would like to thank all the viewers for their support.

Music: Sawano Hiroyuki
I am looking forward to restarting the “Kingdom” broadcast as a viewer.
I hope you will enjoy the music as well as the magnificent world of the anime.

Congratulations on the announcement of the “Kingdom” broadcast resuming!
I would like to thank all the staff who proceeded with the production even in coronavirus times, and all the viewers who kept waiting. When I was making music last year, the situation was completely unexpected, but I feel that it overlaps with the Qin country of this work.
I believe that the appearance of the believers who never give up in any situation and find a way out there even in the small light will be encouraging for many people.

Studio Signpost Representative: Hagino Ken
Novel coronavirus has changed the world. It has even changed the way we make anime.
What a terrifying enemy! However, the production team continues to make the battle over Hangu Pass. No matter how the world changes, the fun of Kingdom drawn by Hara-sensei cannot be changed. It took a while, but please wait a little longer. We will deliver great anime again.

(C) Hara Yasuhisa / Shueisha / Kingdom Production Committee