​​The “Nintama Rantaro” anime series, which airs every Monday through Friday on NHK E-television, will broadcast its 31st series in April 2023.

Nintama Rantaro” is an anime based on a ninja gag manga by Amako Soubee. It comically depicts the daily lives of Rantaro, Shinbee and Kirimaru as they struggle to become first-rate ninja in the Ninjutsu Academy.

The latest episode, “Memories,” features Rantaro, Kirimaru, and Shinbee sitting under a tree as they look back on the things they have done at the Ninjutsu Academy.

The episode ends with Rantaro’s line, “It was a fun school life at Ninjutsu Gakuen!” as if it is the final episode, causing “Nintama final episode” to trend on Twitter.
Fans commented, “No way… is this the last episode?” “Why did today’s episode have such a last-episode vibe…” “I can see why it’s trending,” and “You’re not lying about the 31st series, are you?”

The 31st series of “Nintama Rantaro” will start in April 2023.

© Amako Soubee/NHK, NEP