From the TV anime “Tokyo Revengers”, a non-credit video of “Tokyo Wonder.”, the ending theme song of the 2nd cour “Bloody Halloween Arc” (released in July), has been revealed.

“Tokyo Wonder.” is an upper tune song by Nakimushi, a solo artist , who has rapidly been gaining young fans but doesn’t reveal his/her real name, appearance, age, etc.

The song is featured with the artist’s husky voice, edgy sound, and his/her unique sense of words, which make the song perfect for the world-view of “Tokyo Revengers”. Please indulge yourself in the new ending theme song, which adds color to the 2nd cour, with the beautiful non-credit video.

The TV anime “Tokyo Revengers” is currently broadcast on MBS, TV Tokyo, BS Asahi, AT-X, and other stations. As “Bloody Halloween Arc” has just started, please keep your eyes on the main episodes.

TV Anime “Tokyo Revengers”

■Broadcast Information
Available on MBS, TV Tokyo, BS Asahi, AT-X, etc.
“Bloody Halloween Arc” has just started in July!

(C)Wakui Ken, Kodansha / Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Production Committee