The main 5 members of Meta Liberation Army, the group appearing in the TV anime “My Hero Academia” Season 5, and their cast members have been announced. The experienced actors , including Hirata Hiroaki, Sugita Tomokazu, Majima Junji, Honda Takako, and Yamashita Seiichirou are gathered together.

“My Hero Academia” entered the 2nd cour from June 26, 2021. The Meta Liberation Army believes that “Special ability, a.k.a. ‘quirks’, should be used freely”, and is the group currently expanding its power.

The 5 members have been revealed this time. Re Destro (Yotsubashi Rikiya), the son of the former rival Destro. The CEO of the big IT company and the strategist of the Meta Liberation Army, Skeptic (Kinzoku Yuuho).
The governor with a high ability of speech, who collects the supporters through his activity, Trumpet (Hanabatake Bikou). The managing director of the publisher and the ads leader Curious (Kitsuki Okitoshi). The spy of the Meta Liberation Army and the follower of Re Destro, Gaiten.

The cast for the Meta Liberation Army was also announced. Hirata Hiroaki will play Re Destro, Sugita Tomokazu will play Skeptic, Majima Junji will play Trumpet, Honda Takako will play Curious, and Yamashita Seiichirou will play Gaiten. The comments from the experienced casts have arrived.

【Hirata Hiroaki: Re Destro/Yotsubashi Rikiya】
I am honored that I can be a part of “My Hero Academia”, which I longed for. And I will be playing the leader of the Meta Liberation Army “Re Destro”. I am partly nervous and happy.
I always participate in the session with full stress to compete with young powers from others. Please look forward to the anime, and I will be playing with my full ability, coming from the time I waited to be a part of this series.

【Sugita Tomokazu: Skeptic/Kinzoku Yuuho】
In a society, where the existence of a hero is normal.
What people will be asked for is simple, although society itself is complex.
It is sad to see the string, that used to be set to control a doll, now fastens your neck. Isn’t it?

【Majima Junji: Trumpet/Hanabatake Bikou】
Hanabatake is a governor, so I feel pressure to express his “ability to speech”. I did my best, so please look forward to it.

【Honda Takako: Curious/Kitsuki Okitoshi】
In the short time and pressure given to “introduction”, I hope to deliver the characteristic, background, and the role in the series of “Curious”, a.k.a. Kitsuki Okitoshi, to you as much as possible. Thank you for letting me in.

【Yamashita Seiichirou/Gaiten】
I am honored to be a part of the wonderful work with strong support.
I read the original manga, and the belief of each hero and villain made me think deeply, and shocked my heart.
Gaiten is a mysterious character, but I will do my best to play him, together with “Justice of the Meta Liberation Army” in my heart. Please continue your support!

© Horikoshi Kouhei/Shueisha, My Hero Academia Production Committee