Live-action movie “Kingdom: Fire of Destiny,” the third in the “Kingdom” series of live-action films, will be released on July 28, 2023. A new trailer and teaser visual have just been released.

“Kingdom” is a live-action film based on the manga by Hara Yasuhisa, which is set in the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period of China in B.C. and tells the story of a young boy, Xin, a war orphan with a dream of becoming a great general, and a young king, Ying Zheng, who aims to unify China, on an epic scale.
So far, “Kingdom,” released in 2019, and “Kingdom 2: To the Far Land,” released in 2022, have each become blockbuster hits, becoming the No. 1 live-action Japanese film of the year.

The latest film, “Kingdom: The Flame of Fate,” begins with the sudden invasion of Qin by its neighbor Zhao, which boasts great power in the north, and depicts the “Battle of Bayou,” in which Xin (Yamazaki Kento) and Wang Qi (Osawa Takao) stand on the same battlefield for the first time in order to fight off the invasion.

The latest visuals and trailer for the film have now been released.
In the trailer, Wang Qi, the legendary general who bestows the name “Hishintai” on the special unit led by Xin, is appointed by Ying Zheng as the general-in-chief of the Qin army. The video depicts Xin’s first battlefield as a commander, and his enthusiasm at being named by the general he admires, as he inspires his comrades, giving the impression of the beginning of a new stage leading up to the “great general under heaven”.

In addition, the trailer unveils the first images of the cast of the enemy general Zhao, who is attacking Qin. Also noteworthy are the appearance of Zhao Zhuang (played by Yamamoto Koushi), Fuuki (played by Kataoka Ainosuke), and Mangoku (played by Yamada Yuuki).

In addition, the new visuals show Xin, Ying Zheng, and Wang Qi, as well as other characters who influence their respective fates, with Qiang Lei (Seino Nana) and the rest of the Hishintai fighting fiercely behind Xin, and the grim expression of He Liao Diao (Hashimoto Kanna), who aspires to become a military commander, reminds us that the “Battle of Bayou” will be a fierce battle.
In the background, the film shows an important scene in the story in which Shika (Anne), the woman who would change his life forever, embraces the young Ying Zheng.

“Kingdom: The Flame of Fate” will be released on July 28, 2023.

(C) Hara Yasuhisa/Shueisha (C) 2023 “Kingdom” Film Partners