The mecha’s from “Rebuild of Evangelion” have been given a plushy-style design in the “Cutie1” series. There will be 3 designs: Unit-01, Unit-02, and Unit-00 (Rebuild).

“Cutie1” is a series in which characters from animes and comics are redesigned with a plushy-syle look. They look like they’re soft, but are made with soft vinyl and PVC, so the gap between their looks and texture is also one of the series’ charm.

It has been announced that “Rebuild of Evangelion” will be joining the series. Unit-01’s unique color scheme, distinctive horn, and sharp jaw have been adorably recreated.

Unit-02 has a vibrant red color. Its compound eyes were recreated with buttons. Unit-00’s body color is yellow, and its red cyclopean eye was also recreated with a large button.

The figures are each priced at 4,000 JPY (tax excluded) and are scheduled to be released in August to October 2020.

(C) Khara