“YUKI × AOI Chimera Project” was drafted by the voice actor Yuuki Aoi with the theme of words becoming “beasts”. It’s cast members, including Kitou Akari, Amemiya Sora, and Sakura Ayane, have been announced. Along with it, a voice movie series of four-panel manga with voices has been decided.

YUKI × AOI Chimera Project” was drafted by the voice actor Yuuki Aoi with the theme of words becoming “beasts”. A four-panel manga series that depicts the lives of “Chimerios”, which are born from words, is currently being serialized on the project’s official Twitter.

A four-panel manga, “Chimerio Gakushuuchou” (Chimerio Notebook), will be released on our official Twitter, every week.
It gives you a look into the lives of the “Youbi Chimerio”, which were born from the days of the week.
Read this, and you could become an expert on Chimerio! Please enjoy!
#01 “Professor Studies Chimerio”

In the announcement, the cast members of the Chemerios have been announced: Yuuki Aoi as Sunday, Kitou Akari as Monday, Kotobuki Minako as Tuesday, Amemiya Sora as Wednesday, Tamura Mutsumi as Thursday, Hayami Saori as Friday, Sakura Ayane as Saturday, and Matsuoka Yoshitsugu as Professor. Comments from each cast member have also been revealed.

Also, the four-panel manga with voices will be released on “smash.”, a verticle theater app. The key visual for the “smash.” series drawn by Yuuki Aoi has also been revealed.

The four-panel voice movie is currently available on “smash.”, for 550 JPY per month (tax included).

Comments from Yuuki Aoi
―― How was it to play the character and sing the character theme song?

It was an extraordinary experience to play the character in the world I created from scratch. We had many meetings on the scenario and music, written the lyrics for the songs myself… The more time I put into this work, the more it becomes a part of me.

―― How was it to hear the cast members’ voices and songs as the original author?

I asked those who I have confidence in their skill, so I had a prospect of the outcome, but they’ve made it even better than what I had expected! I knew they would be amazing! It’s said that characters come to life when voices are given to them. I realized the true meaning of it by being on the production side.

―― Any words for your fans?

The songs, lyrics, cast, and images… I was given the privilege to create a work with everything I love! It’s already amazing! And I know it will become even greater when it’s done, so please look forward to it! I hope you will enjoy the Chimera Project!

Comments from the cast members
―― What was your first reaction to this project?

Kitou Akari as Monday: I thought Chimeras and characters inspired by the days of the week are innovative and exciting! The project was planned and drafted by my senpai, Yuuki-san, who I adore. I love the world that she creates, so this project is something I would look forward to, even if I wasn’t involved in it!

Kotobuki Minako as Tuesday: Yuuki Aoi-chan and I have been friends for over 10 years, and it has been an honor. When she told me about this project, I knew it would be super exciting! And I was looking forward to seeing what Aoi-chan will create. When I saw the illustrations of the characters, they were so cute and made me happy to be a part of this project.

Amemiya Sora as Wednesday: At first, I couldn’t wrap my head around this new idea of the days of the week and chimeras, but as I went through the character description and other settings, I instantly fell in love with the unique and charming characters, and this world I visited for the first time!

Tamura Mutsumi as Thursday: I was so excited by the super-cute characters! As I love furry characters, I couldn’t resist their charm. They have such unique looks! I wonder what their personalities are going to be like. I can’t wait to see the story.

Hayami Saori as Friday: When I was given the character description and saw the illustrations and settings, I became excited about this cute world. It’s completely different than ours, but at the same time, has a very familiar vibe to it, making it a funs story. The four-panel manga was also full of humor and gave me soothed my heart. Above all, I loved the dazzling world created by Yuuki Aoi-san.

Sakura Ayane as Saturday: I always wondered what was going on inside Yuuki-san’s head, so I thought this a chance to take a peek, so I accepted the offer without hesitation. Separate from this impure motive, I was fascinated by the refreshing characters, and am excited to see the future along with them.

Matsuoka Yoshitsugu as Professor: The title Chimera Project made me think of chimera monsters, but I was surprised at how wrong I was. They’re so cute! Cuteness is overflowing all over! It makes me want to cherish them.

―― How was it to play the character and sing the character theme song?

Kitou Akari as Monday: In recording the character’s voice and song, Yuuki-san said, “You don’t have to make a voice. I think your usual voice perfectly matches Monday,” so I could perform with a relaxed, easy-going voice, almost the same as my natural voice.
The catchy melody and lyrics of the character theme song created an amazing world, and I couldn’t stop singing it for the whole day, after the recording! It was fun to sing along with everyone, each with a strong personality, and I really enjoyed singing in different styles for regular Monday and awakened Monday!

Kotobuki Minako as Tuesday: The first recording made me tense as usual. Also, now that I live in the U.K., the remote recording in a studio in Japan made me a bit anxious at first. But Tuesday said, “I’m the best!” and went on with high spirits and tried several patterns for the take.
I myself also enjoyed the recording, and I want to thank Tuesday for making me feel that way!

Amemiya Sora as Wednesday: It felt fresh to play a character with beautiful looks but is boyish, and is a chimera. The recording for the character theme song was as if the cast members were there as Chimerios rather than people. The world that the song and lyrics depict is very unique, and each of the processes, such as the adlibs we recorded in front of the song in words incomprehensible to humans, was like building up their world, and I really enjoyed it.

Tamura Mutsumi as Thursday: I couldn’t resist the motherly character, both cute and cool! I also love how his hardship exudes. Thursday isn’t good at singing, which I can empathize with, since I get nervous for the recordings… But I enjoyed the synchronization with him in starting nervous and tense, but gradually enjoying the singing.

Hayami Saori as Friday: Friday is cheerful and sociable, but I think he also has a melancholic and delicate side hidden within. Fundamentally, he’s an entertainer, who loves to communicate with others and entertain them, so I tried to portray that side of him in the character theme song. The song itself has a fun vibe of everyone singing together and Yuuki-san’s lyrics were so cute! I had a great time singing it.

Sakura Ayane as Saturday: It may be the first time for me to sing in a character song so freely. They really let me perform the way I wanted. Yuuki-san gave me great advice before the recording, telling me that I should subtract the extra from my full performance. But I don’t know if I subtracted or added in the recording for the song, haha.

Matsuoka Yoshitsugu as Professor: In a word, he’s perverted. But not in a way that makes trouble for the chimeras. He’s those “lovable” weirdos. I had a good time playing him. Kind, full of curiosity, faithful to his own desires, and above all… He pervertedly loves the chimeras.

―― Any words for your fans?

Kitou Akari as Monday: I’m truly flattered to be able to join this project, so I’ll do my best to make this project enjoyable for all the fans as both a performer and a fan! I hope you’ll immerse yourself in the cute and mysterious world of the Chimerios!

Kotobuki Minako as Tuesday: Isn’t it exciting that the days of the week, which we are so familiar with, are given such cute portrayals? (laughs) It’s interesting how you can empathize with the sense of each day of the week and discover new emotions towards each day, through the characters. They all have pure minds and are so cute, so I hope you will get to know them and love them! Please enjoy!

Amemiya Sora as Wednesday: I haven’t had many opportunities to play an animal character, and this was a new genre of anime to me, so at first, I was quite nervous, but as I got familiar with their story, I got to love them more and more, and I realized that this is how you open doors to new worlds. This project is a door and also is a key to the door to people like me. We look forward to seeing you.

Tamura Mutsumi as Thursday: I’m really excited by the thought of being able to be part of this project! It’s completely original, and there’ll probably be many stories I don’t know, but I want to take my time to enjoy each story. The cute and unique characters having a good time will surely soothe your heart. Let’s take a look into the Kimerios’ live together!

Hayami Saori as Friday: Since the characters are inspired by the days of the week, something we all are familiar with, so I think you will enjoy the show with empathy with each character. I hope you will enjoy imagining the relationship each character has with each other. The song is cute and has a sound expanse like that of a parade. You can feel the characters’ individuality at key points, so please listen carefully to the details, too!

Sakura Ayane as Saturday: If the mysterious Chimerios are stuck in the back of your mind, you’re probably already a fan of this title. Let’s go see the future of the Chimerios together!

Matsuoka Yoshitsugu as Professor: I’m sure this work will soothe everyone’s hearts. Wanting to know what happens to the characters, wanting to watch over them… You will feel various emotions flowing from your heart. Let’s create the future of these chimeras together!

(C) 2020 Chimera Project