The voice actress Yuuki Aoi created the hashtag “#SeiyuuRoudokuKai” (Voice Actors Reading Club) on Twitter and released the audiobook of “Buying Mittens” on Apr. 8, 2020.
The day before that, on Apr. 7, Yuuki revealed that she had been thinking of “delivering a storytelling” to those parents and children who are standing by at home, and so she did promptly. Her initiative, “#SeiyuuRoudokuKai” has received a lot of support from many voice actors.

On Apr. 7, Yuuki posted on Twitter, “I heard on the news that some colleagues are delivering picture book readings to those parents and children who are doing their best to stand by at home. I thought that it was a wonderful thing to do, so I decided to try it by myself”, and then she invited all to suggest some books to read.
The tweet was followed by replies introducing the recommended works, as well as it received support from other voice actors, including Kaji Yuuki, Yamashita Daiki, Inoue Ikuko, Takahashi Rie, Taketatsu Ayana, and Hidaka Noriko.

On the same night, Yuuki created the hashtag “#SeiyuuRoudokuKai” and released the first audiobook on Apr. 8. The reading is performed by Yuuki and features the short story “Buying Mittens” in Children's literature by Niimi Nankichi, while the voice actor Koiwai Kotori, who is also considered a “musician”, is in charge for the editing and the BGM.
The reading received words of gratitude and various comments such as, “Aoi-chan had been great in putting her words into action after one single day”, “I was able to spend a tender time with my daughter by listening this beautiful reading!”, and “It gave me a sense of relief, or rather pleasure”.

Besides Yuuki-san, Kaji Yuuki, Takahashi Rie, Nanjou Yoshino, Imai Asami, and Inoue Nana have also been posting readings on the “#SeiyuuRoudokuKai” hashtag.