It was decided that that the anime adaptation of “Dragon’s House-Hunting” will start broadcasting from April 2021. Information such as Horie Shun and Ishikawa Kaito as the main cast, the latest visual, and PV have also been announced.

“Dragon’s House-Hunting” is based on the same name manga that is serialized in “Monthly Comic Garden” (also known as MAGCOMI).
After being disowned by his tribe, the coward dragon Letty sets off on a journey to search for a house that is comfortable for a weakling like him. In the midst of his journey. He encountered the hero’s party in the midst of his journey and was saved by the self-proclaimed real estate dealer & elf (demon king) Dearia. Then, the two of them begin traveling together…
The brand-new fantasy story of the dragon and demon king has started.

In the key visual, along with the coward dragon Letty and the self-proclaimed real estate dealer & elf (demon king) Dearia, the chick of the Hresvelgr tribe Pip and the princess of the human kingdom Nell can be seen as well.
This is a visual where you can see the different tribese interacting friendly with each other while smiling in the colorful flower garden.

A total of 4 main casts have been announced.
Letty will be voiced by Horie Shun, Dearia will be voiced by Ishikawa Kaito, Pip will be voiced by Izawa Shiori, and Nell will be voiced by Fukuen Misato.

“Dragon’s House-Hunting” will start broadcasting from April 2021 on TOKYO MX and other channels.
Also, before the broadcast date, the online salon by “Dragon’s House-Hunting” production committee is also decided. Not only will the work’s information be announced, but the front line staff involving in the anime production will also announce the anime production and promotion as well as the flow process for the production committee of the anime. Detailed information is available on the special webpage.

(C)Tanuki Kawo, Aya Choco/Mag Garden, “Dragon’s House-Hunting” Production Committee