The outline and advance cut-scenes of the second house (episode 2) “A Home with Falls” of the TV anime “Dragon Goes House-Hunting” (broadcast on April 11) have been released.

“Dragon Goes House-Hunting” is based on the same-name manga that is serialized on “Monthly Comic Garden” also known as “MAGCOMI”.
After being disowned by his tribe, the coward young dragon Letty sets off on a journey to search for a house that is comfortable for a weakling like him. In the midst of his journey. He encountered the hero’s party in the midst of his journey and was saved by the self-proclaimed realtor elf (demon king) Dearia. Then, the two of them begin traveling together…
A brand new fantasy about the dragon and demon king has started.

The title of the second episode is “A Home with Falls”.
Dearia, who is working as a architect and a realtor, will introduce few properties for Letty. The first property that Dearia introduced is the sanctuary that comes with a countermeasure for the hero.

For some reason, Letty got to experience the dungeon that was a proud work of Dearia, where most heroes won’t be able to return safely.

Second house (episode 2) “A Home with Falls” of “Dragon Goes House-Hunting” was broadcast at 10:00 PM, on April 11, 2021 (Sunday), on TOKYO MX and other channels.

(C) Tanuki Kawo, Aya Choco/ Mag Garden, “Dragon Goes House-Hunting” Production Committee