“Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting”, which has over 2 million copies published in total, will receive an anime adaptation. Along with this announcement, a teaser visual has been released.

“Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting” is originally an intellectual superpower battle drawn by Miyako Kashiwa, written by Harawata Saizou, and serialized on “Manga One”, Shogakukan’s manga app.
One day, high school student Shiroyanagi Akira gets caught in a battle. The manga depicts him using an unexpected ability and exceptional intelligence to fight through battles.

Information about the broadcast time and cast members are yet to be announced. Let’s look forward to further information to be announced.
The anime teaser website, which opened along with the announcement, has an illustration and comments from Miyako Kashiwa.

(C) Miyako Kashiwa, Harawata Saizou, Shogakukan