April is coming to an end. Many of you may have started to feel comfortable in your new life that started after moving on to the next level of education or starting a new job. Or, you may feel like nothing has really changed.

Here are some 2021 Spring Animes that may help you find a “new hobby” to add color to the new chapter of your lives.

[Bike] A “Bike” Makes You Feel Like You Can Go Anywhere. “Super Cub”

“Super Cub” is based on the light novel of the same title, published by Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko. A high school girl with nothing: no parents, no friends, not even any favorite pastimes, buys a used Super Cub, and her life gradually starts to change.

Honda, the company that sells the Super Cub, supports and supervises the show. Not only the Super Cub that the protagonist, Koguma, buys but the views on her way to school are also depicted realistically. Her life changes from the encounter with the bike may match that of a new chapter of our lives.

[House-Hunting] The Show Makes You Want to Look for a Nice Place to Live. “Dragon Goes House-Hunting”

“Dragon Goes House-Hunting” is based on a manga of the same title, serialized in “Monthly Comic Garden” and “MAGCOMI”. The cowardly young dragon, Letty, gets kicked out by his family. He goes on an adventure in search of a house where even a weak dragon like him could live safely in this wide world.

During his adventure, he encounters the hero’s party, and the one who saved him was Dearia, an elf that claims to be a realtor. The two begin to travel together. Will Letty be able to find a place he can live safely?

Letty is in search of a house that even a weak dragon can live safely. How about going house-hunting in search of your dream house, even if you have no plans to move.

[World History] A Bit Different From School Classes. Let’s Learn History! “Hetalia: World Stars”

“Hetalia: World Stars” is based on the manga by Hinomaruya Hidekazu, serialized in “Jump+”.

The characters are anthropomorphizations of the “countries” we live in. Their personalities and relations are set, based on the actual history of each country.

Whether you like history or not, you can enjoy the show, but you can enjoy it even further if you know world history. Try watching one episode. You might learn something about world history and want to learn more.

[Pottery] Spin the Potter’s Wheel and Face Ourselves?! “Let’s Make a Mug Too”

“Let’s Make a Mug Too” is a coming-of-age story, set in Tajimi City, Gifu, depicting four high school girls becoming obsessed with pottery through traditional craft, “Minoyaki”.

Himeno knows nothing about pottery until she meets her classmate, Mika, who knew about Himeno’s late mother’s work. If you love the smell of dirt, you’ll surely enjoy this show.

The show has two parts: the anime part and the live-action part, and in the live-action part, Tanaka Minami-san, Serizawa Yuu-san, Wakai Yuuki-san, and Honnizumi Rina-san, walk around Tajimi City, Gifu, try out pottery and making tiles.

April is near the end, whether your used to your new life or not, how about finding a new hobby through new animes from spring 2021?

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