The additional characters & cast of the current broadcasting TV anime “Golden Kamuy” season 3 have been announced. It was decided that Umehara Yuuichirou and Hatanaka Tasuku are the additional cast.

The additional characters are Vasily, a sniper from the Russia border defense squad who constantly has a duel with Ogata, and Hanazawa Yuusaku, who calls a certain someone “dear elder brother”.
Umehara will be voicing Vasily while Hatanaka will be voicing Hanazawa Yuusaku, and their comments have been revealed.

Also, the short anime of TV anime “Golden Kamuy”, “Golden Kamuy Video Theatre” #28 “Roller-skate” will be available for 1 week until November 17, 2020.

TV anime “Golden Kamuy” is currently being broadcast on TOKYO MX and other channel, every Monday from 11 PM.

Vasily, voiced by Umehara Yuuichirou
I actually like the real soviet sniper, Vasily Zaitsev, so I’m glad that I was able to voice him.
On top of voicing him, I need to overcome the big obstacle known as Russian language, and it was quite difficult to express the quiet Vasily with the Russian language.
As I was able to express the delicate thought of the sniper, do look forward to the intellect sniping battle.

Hanazawa Yuusaku, voiced by Hatanaka Tasuku
I was quite nervous to voice him as his face is shrouded by a veil.
His eyes are not visible but I think he has quite honest and straight-forward eyes. As he has an unwavering trust toward his dear elder brother, I will try my best to voice him.
I am quite glad that I am able to be involved in Golden Kamuy in this manner.
Do look forward to it!!!

TV anime “Golden Kamuy” Broadcast/ Streaming Information
“Season 3 Broadcast/ Streaming”
Currently broadcasting every Monday on TOKYO MX, Yomiuri TV, Sapporo TV, BS11 and other channels!
Streaming exclusively on FOD!

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