Season 4 of the TV anime “Golden Kamuy” is currently on air and the collaboration campaign at Animate is being held. “Ogata’s dried cod sticker” will be distributed free of charge from May 19, 2023, , and from July 25, the “Ogata Hyakunosuke Support Fair in Animate Shinjuku” will be held.

“Golden Kamuy” is based on the same-name adventure action manga by Noda Satoru serialized in “Weekly Young Jump”. Set in Hokkaido in the late Meiji era, it depicts an epic story about a huge amount of buried treasure hidden by death row prisoners in Abashiri Prison and reached its finale in April 2022. The total sales of all 31 volumes of the manga have surpassed 24 million copies, and it continues to steal the hearts of many fans even after the finale.

Season 4 of the TV anime has been on air since April 2023. The latest series, while inheriting the previous ones, are being made in a new system by an animation production Brain’s Base, and chief director Sugawara Shizuka. Based on the action and suspense of buried treasure, the animation fully uses stimulation of the five senses, including hunting, gourmet food, and history to burst with entertainment. A new episode, featuring Matsuda Heita (played by Ishida Akira) and Ueji Keiji (played by Nobuyuki Hiyama), has been released on May 15.

The collaboration campaign between this title and the Animate is being held now. This time, from May 19th to June 4th, it has been decided that “Ogata’s dried cod sticker” will be distributed for free. During the period, you can receive it on a first-come, first-served basis by asking “How much for the boat?” Each store will close it as soon as runs out of product for the day, so if you are a fan you should come early.

Also, from July 25 to August 6t the “Ogata Hyakunosuke Support Fair” will be held at Animate Shinjuku. During the period, a mini Ogata stand and Ogata corner will be installed in the store. In addition, during the period, you can participate in the lottery once for each reservation (full payment) or purchase the target product. Winners will receive gorgeous prizes such as “Ogata mini standee” and “Ogata bromide duplicated animation” on the spot, so fans should check it out.

Season 4 of the TV anime “Golden Kamuy” is being broadcast every Monday. As part of the collaboration campaign at Animate, “Ogata’s dried cod sticker” will be distributed for free from May 19th, and the “Ogata Hyakunosuke Support Fair in Animate Shinjuku” will be held from July 25.

(C) Noda Satoru/Shueisha/Golden Kamuy Production Committee