The 23rd volume of сomics, containing a new anime DVD with the “Golden Kamuy” forbidden episode, “Shiton's Wild Animals”, will be released from Sep. 18, 2020. To commemorate this, “mini-game 'Shiton's Wild Animals' Animal hunting adventure!!” has been released on a special page.

“Golden Kamui” is a manga that won the “2016 Award”, “22nd Osamu Tezuka Culture Prize Manga Award” and others, which the total number of copies exceeding 13 million in genres like adventure, history, culture, gourmet hunt, GAG&LOVE Japanese style dark Western.
It's a story about gold diggers survival, set in Karafuta, Hokkaido at the end of the Meiji era, and the first season TV anime series was broadcast from Apr. to Jun. 2018, and the second season was broadcast from Oct. to Dec. of the same year, and the third will be broadcast from Oct. 2020.

“'Golden Kamuy's” 4th Comic Anime DVD Bundled” will include the original 23rd volume and the new anime DVD with the episode “Shiton's Wild Animals”, which contains scenes of the death of some animals.
One of the tattooed jailbreak prisoner, the scholar Shiton, is misunderstood by some Ainu living close by, and is captured by Tanigaki. According to Tanigaki, Anehata has a “strong enthusiasm” for brown bears…
Can Sugimoto and the others resolve the misunderstanding, save Tanigaki, and erase the tattoos before Anehata will be eaten by a brown bear?

In commemoration of the 23rd volume with the anime DVD bundle release, the “Mini-game 'Shiton's Wild Animals' Animal hunting adventure!!” has been released.
The idea is to find 4 different types of animals hidden on the “Golden Kamuy” official site and get icons and wallpapers from collaboration with Irasutoya. It will be open until 11:59 P.M. on Jul. 14.

A version of the 23rd volume of “Golden Kamuy” with anime DVD is priced at 3,600 JPY (excluding tax).
Pre-orders are available until Jul. 14, and the release is scheduled for Sep 18.

(C) Noda Satoru/ Shueisha Golden Kamuy Production Committee